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Shortly after Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong suddenly disappear in the Northern Kremisphere. Dixie Kong sets off to find the pair and is joined by her cousin Kiddy Kong and aided by Funky Kong's vehicles to traverse the land. They arrive at Kastle KAOS, the lair of a robot named KAOS, who was believed to be the new leader of the Kremlings. After they destroy KAOS, the curtain in the background rolls up to reveal the robot was being controlled by Baron K. Roolenstein, the new moniker of King K. Rool. After the duo fights him, Donkey and Diddy pop out of the demolished KAOS, implying they were being used to power the robot.

Dixie and Kiddy uncover the extinct volcanic island of Krematoa. They meet Boomer, an ostracized member of the Brothers Bear, inside his Anderson shelter. He agrees to destroy the rocks hindering the path in exchange for bonus coins. After Dixie and Kiddy find all bonus coins and five cogwheels hidden in Krematoa, the duo gives the cogs to Boomer, putting them into a machine that reactivates Krematoa, revealing the Knautilus, K. Roolenstein's personal submarine. The Kongs board the sub and battle against him in there; however, he disappears once again.

Once the Kongs collect all DK coins, they hand all the coins to Funky, who, in exchange, gives them a gyrocopter. The duo then finds a mysterious creature called the Banana Bird Queen, who is bound to a barrier cast by K. Roolenstein. She tells the Kongs that she can only be freed if her separated children are to her and that she will rid the land of K. Rool if she is released. The Kongs find each of her children in a cave, where one of the birds is imprisoned in a crystal that shatters when the Kongs complete a Simon-like memory game. After rescuing them and conducting an extensive trade sequence between the Brothers Bear, the Kongs return the children to the Queen. The Queen and her children all sing, annihilating the barrier. The Queen continues to chase K. Rool, who is fleeing in a hovercraft. When she catches up to him, she drops a giant eggshell on top of him, which Dixie and Kiddy land on. The Kongs repeatedly knock on the shell, annoying K. Rool.


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