Rhenium Ore Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Rhenium Ore

Rhenium Ore is one of the high level Cultural Ores that was added into the game during the Dragons of Norrath expansion pack. Cultural Tradeskill materials like this one have a low chance (about 5 - 10%) to drop off enemies around the level bracket shown on the item. That would mean for Rhenium Ore you'll want to hunt enemies between the levels 50 - 70.

Those of you out there looking to farm some Rhenium Ore will have the best luck in zones like Wall of Slaughter, Old Sebilis, Crypt of Decay and other high level PoP zones/Omens of War zones. It's best if you fight humanoid enemies as they're usually the ones that are dropping the ore you need.


Smithing Rhenium Ore Recipes (4 Recipes)

Rhenium Barbs

Rhenium Fill

Rhenium Studs

Undifferentiated Ore


Tailoring Rhenium Ore Recipes (3 Recipes)

Intricate Leather Fist Wraps (Requires Rhenium Studs Subcombine)

Intricate Sap (Requires Rhenium Fill Subcombine)

Intricate Leather Whip (Requires Rhenium Fill Subcombine)