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Fine Feathers Tradeskill Recipes for 300 - 350

Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers are one of the few different Tradeskill Items that drop off enemies throughout the entire game. You'll find these on mobs in Crescent Reach as well as mobs in Lceanium, Kor-Sha Labratory and any other higher level zone. The feathers seem to have the same drop rate off all enemies in the game; I would guess .2 - .7% off each enemy.

Since these feathers drop from enemies throughout the entire game - pick a zone where you can slay hundreds of enemies at a time very easily. To give you a few ideas, Howling Stones, Crypt of Decay, Veksar, is great since the enemies agro you without much effort.


Fletching Fine Feathers Recipes (4 Recipes)

Ancient Arrows

Charged Ethernere Arrow

Ethernere Arrows

Repeating Crossbow Bolts


Tailoring Fine Feathers Recipes (1 Recipe)

Cloak of Realms


Tinkering Fine Feathers Recipe (1 Recipe)

Repeating Crossbow Bolts