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Gates of Discord Tradeskill Quests

Gates of Discord introduced different quests for each Tradeskill that take place in the Abysmal Sea which give you an opportunity to raise your tradeskills for free up to 54 trivial. Completing these quests will also give you a handful of different recipes which are useful for people looking to raise their Tradeskills 300 - 350 once the Empires of Kunark expansion comes out.

Regardless of when you do these quests they're all extremely easy and very straight forward. There's two versions of each quest, one requires you to farm Taelosian Wheat and incorporate that into your turn ins and the second quests require you to make MORE items except you don't need to farm any components - you're given them all.

Every quest on this page covers the freebie quests that DO NOT require Taelosian Wheat. If you'd like to read more about the other set of quests follow the link provided to EQtrader's website where they have a good write up about all of this.


Alchemy GoD Quest (Shamans Only)

Baking GoD Quest - Thorough explanation of these quests (start here if you need to)

Ordin Wheasly
Ordin's Oatmeal (Mixing Bowl)
Wayfarer Muffin (Oven)
Wayfarer Pie (Oven)
Wayfarer Pastry (Oven)

Brewing GoD Quest

Yitimis Groglenog
Spicy Sunrise (Brewing Barrel)
Vanilla Coffee (Brewing Barrel)
Galidnus' Glad Juice (Brewing Barrel)
Wayfarer Spiced Wine (Brewing Barrel)

Fletching GoD Quest

Imildu Woodstreak
Wayfarer Arrow (Fletching Kit)
Wayfarer Bow (Fletching Kit)
Wayfarer Bow Staff (Fletching Kit)
Wayfarer Arrowhead (Fletching Kit)

Jewelcrafting GoD Quest

Glirina Morningbloom
Simple Clasp (Jeweler's Kit)
Simple Copper Ring (Jeweler's Kit)
Simple Brass Armband (Jeweler's Kit)
Simple Silver Chain (Jeweler's Kit)

Poison Making GoD Quest (Rogues Only)

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix
Simple Universal Suspension (Mortar and Pestal)
Simple Solvent (Mortar and Pestal)
Simple Contact Poison (Mortar and Pestal)
Simple Injected Poison (Mortar and Pestal)

Pottery GoD Quest

Malkidiv U'Ycionus
Wayfarer Plate (Kiln)
Wayfarer Pot (Kiln)
Unfired Wayfarer Mug (Pottery Wheel) Wayfarer Mug (Kiln)
Unfired Wayfarer Arrow Shaft (Pottery Wheel), Wayfarer Arrow Shaft (Kiln)

Smithing GoD Quest

Snorkin Breaksteel
Simple Studs (Forge)
Simple Rings (Forge)
Simple Chisel (Forge)
Simple File (Forge)

Tailoring GoD Quest

Tonlyei Lyhin
Simple Belt (Tailoring)
Simple Socks (Tailoring)
Simple Pants (Tailoring)
Simple Shirt (Tailoring)

Tinkering GoD Quest

Skelontorim Orrthemech
Simple Spring (Toolbox)
Simple Pulley (Toolbox)
Simple Animated Lure (Toolbox)
Simple Bow Cam (Toolbox)