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How to get to Stoneroot Falls

Undershore to Stoneroot Falls

The fastest way here is by purchasing the Undershore Coral from the Guild Hall and taking the portal to Undershore. Once you're here just invis up and run northwest until you reach the zone line. If you aren't in a guild, a Druid or Wizard is able to port into this zone as well - just ask around!

Those of you without a guild or friends will have to take the PoK book to Nektulos Forest and run west to Corathus Creep. Then once in Corathus Creep run west through that zone until you reach Undershore.

As you an see from the picture above there's two zone lines for Stoneroot Falls. You can run over the waterfall or take the cave next to the waterfall to zone into the zone. Be warned that if you take the waterfall, the second you finish loading Stoneroot Falls you're going to be falling, unless you have levitate on. For that reason, I recommend you only take the waterfall zone line if you're levitating.


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