MacroQuest 2 Guides (Introduction)

           Macroquest 2 is the best third party software you can get for Everquest... hands down. Isboxer is good at what it does, it helps you box and broadcast keys to each character but it's not Macroquest. MQ2 is built for EQ and it enhances the game in basically every single way. This page here is going to go through all of the reasons (I think) you should use the Redguides compile of MacroQuest 2.

           First off, you aren't going to get in trouble for using this software unless you use it irresponsibly. You can get suspended from the game for using a program that clicks the mouse while you're unattended if you use it irresponsibly. Before you read any of this guide you need to get that out of your head. The creator of Macroquest 2 works hand in hand with Daybreak to keep this program off TRUE BOX servers. The thing that can get you banned or suspended from the game is using ANY software while unattended.

           If you'd like additional evidence, Everquest made an announcement saying that Third Party Cheat Software wasn't allowed. They did not name software (as they often don't) but if what they meant was MQ2, you'd have seen people be banned for using MQ2. If you really don't trust me and want to know for yourself - check Redguides around the time that this announcement happened, see any threads about people being banned? I'll give you a hint, there are none.

           Of course you also have the obvious proof that they've specifically created TRUE BOX servers, which don't allow ISBOXER OR MACROQUEST 2. If that isn't indication enough that these two programs are obviously allowed on servers that are not True Box...... I don't know what is.

           Now, let's move onto all the reasons you should take my advice and use Macroquest2! The first thing and one of the best things in my opinion that the program offers is... When you inspect an item you get an enhanced tooltip which tells you literally all you could ever want to know about the item and what it does. Here's an example of what I mean.

           How cool is that? You don't have to alt tab to figure out what anything does anymore! It's right there. Best of all.... It works for spells too!! Here's an example using the Rain of Fear Wizard spell Claw of the Flamewing. This tooltip tells you the resist adjustment for the spell and exactly what it does (generally much more detail than the regular description).

           As you can see this spell has a trigger, Claw Reflection (which is the spell that enhances your spell casting). This is a valuable piece of information that's completely left out of the regular description of the ability. In this instance you'd still have to go over to raidloot.com to learn exactly what Claw Reflection does - but you get way more information up front with Mq2.

           If you thought all Macroquest 2 helped you do is box you're wrong! While it does help box - it comes with so much utility that even people just playing a single character will find the program useful! There are a lot of common misconceptions out there about Macroquest 2 and this guide is meant to dispel them! I want to show you the reasons I started using Macroquest 2 and why I think you should too.

           The handy tooltips are really just the start of things which make Macroquest 2 great. The thing that makes Macroquest 2 the best program for Everquest is the Macros. Really, any task in Everquest can be accomplished with an MQ2 macro. Not only does MQ2 come with a whole set of macros but it also comes with a huge amount of plugins which work hand in hand with many macros.

           There's plugins that track how much XP you've made since you've logged on - how much plat you've made as well as a multitude of other really cool things. I've compiled two lists for you, one that lists every plugin that's available with the Redguides MQ2 compile and another that lists every Macro available with the Redguides MQ2 compile. Some of them will get their own specific guides.

Mq2 Plugins

Mq2 Macros

           For those of you too lazy to click on the links.... Mq2 does basically everything. You know that song - everything you can do I can do better? That's Macroquest2's theme song believe it or not! Of course EQ and Mq2 are not in competition but basically everything EQ does Macroquest makes better. For those of you out there who used to play Asheron's Call, think of MQ2 as a version of Decal. Anyone who hasn't played Asheron's Call, basically what Decal was is a program that was able to run a set of add-ons that made the entire game better.

           The game itself was quite old, much like Everquest is and parts of the game took forrreeevveerrr to accomplish just like some things do in EQ. Decal helped ease that process along and made the experience much more enjoyable. I consider MQ2 to do basically the same thing.

Here are some of the plugins that made my EQ experience more enjoyable:

Mq2Rezaccept - Automatically accepts rezzes on any characters.

Mq2Easyfind - Navigates to anything on Find automatically!

Mq2Navigate - Navigates to any target you specify.

Mq2Melee - With this you'll actually be able to effectively box melee.

           If you're interested in giving this program a shot I recommend that you follow the link below to get started with MQ2!


Check out the RedGuides Compile of MQ2

Continue to Setting up MQ2 for boxing








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