Giant Warrior Helmets - Velious Quests

Giant Warrior Helmets are an uncommon drop from almost any frost giant in the Velious expansion pack. These items are used in two different quests which will help you raise your faction with either the Coldain/Dain Frostweaver or with the Claws of Veeshan/Yelinak.

The main reason players would be interested in raising their faction with either of these two Velious reputations is to complete the Velious Class Armor Quests. Obviously depending on which of the armors you're after will determine where it is you'll want to do the Giant Warrior Helm turn ins at.

Let's start with the Coldain/Dain Frostweaver version of this quest as that's used for the group armor turn ins. The NPC you'll want to be turning the Giant Warrior Helmets in to is Chamberlain Krystorf located in Icewell Keep. He's found in the throne room right next to where Dain Frostreaver is.

A picture of his map location as well as of him can be found just below.

You need to hand him a total of 4 helmets in order to complete the quest and receive credit. A picture of the faction gains I received for completing the quest can be found below.

For those of you who are more interested in the Claw of Veeshan Reputation then keep reading! They're next up!


Giant Warrior Helmets - Claws of Veeshan Reputation

If you're looking to turn in your Giant Warrior Helmets to raise you Claws of Veeshan Reptuation you'll need to first reach dubious faction with them and then travel to Skyshrine. If you enter Skyshrine from Cobalt Scar I'd recommend you evac which will put you near the Wakening Land zone line.

From there you only need to travel a little bit north to find Lieutenant Milven who is who you'll want to hand the Giant Warrior Helmets too. For those of you playing on P99 you'll need to turn in the Giant Warrior Helmets to Sentry Kcor instead of Lieutenant Milven.

Unlike turning in the helmets in Thurgadin you get a reward for each helmet individually rather than a bulk total for all 4. This is the faction reward for turning in a single helmet: