How to reach Acrylia Caverns

Shar Vahl to Hollowshade Moor

As you may already know the easiest and fastesy way to reach Acrylia Caverns is by getting a Wizard or Druid to port you to Grimling Forest. If you're unable to get a port to Grimling Forest it's going to be one hell of a long run here!

The easiest place to start from is the Vah Shir town, Shar Vahl. You can reach this through PoK by taking the Shar Vahl stone. If you're reading this while it's still Luclin... Ugh - getting here is a nightmare during Luclin if you can't get a port. I'd recommend a different zone. Abandon all hope ye who shall not pass!

Anyway... Go north through Shar Vahl and you'll find yourself in Hollowshade Moor.

Hollowshade Moor to Grimling Forest

Once you're in Hollowshade Moor it's basically a straight shot northeast to Grimling Forest. Once you're in Grimling Forest you'll want to invis up and depending on how weak you are - follow the southern wall then the eastern wall until you reach the entrance of Acrylia Caverns.

If you're not concerned about agroing a see invis enemy if you pass it then just cut through the center of the zone and bust your way into the tunnel leading to Acrylia Caverns. Not much in the tunnel sees invis until you reach the two dogs outside the entrance to Acrylia. They see invis so be quick when running by them! Getting stunned by one of them could really hurt since you'll agro all the grimlings!

Grimling Forest to Acrylia Caverns


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