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Greater Faydark - Classic Leveling Guide

The Greater Faydark Leveling Locations

The Greater Faydark is the starting zone for High Elves, Wood Elves and any lucky Half Elf that picks the right class/diety to avoid Qeynos. Gfay is one massive zone but luckily I can break it down into three different parts which makes it a lot less overwhelming.

On my map above the two blue areas represent the easiest hunting locations - where you'll want to level up at until about level 4 or 5. One location is for Felwithe and the other is for Kelethin... Although you can of course do whichever one you want or even switch back between the circles. Wood Elves and High Elves love each other so aside from the Orcs that roam around no one should pick on you!

After you reach level 4 or better yet level 5 you'll be able to head far to the north where you see the purple circle on my map above. This location is the area just outside of Crushbone. There's a mixture of enemies here between the levels of 4 and 10. Most only go to level 8 or so and it's uncommon to see a level 10 baddy.

I'd highly recommend you put together a group or join one before venturing up north to the purple area. Once you gain a few levels here it'll be time to move into Crushbone itself which is one of the best places to hunt in your early teens. For more information about Crushbone head over to my Crushbone Leveling Guide.


Additional Zone Information

- Wizards can port directly to the Nexus Spires in Gfay

- Butcherblock or Lesser Faydark are the two other zones connected to Gfay which you could come here from.

- You can farm Evergreen Leaves as ground drops from this zone. They're used in a Tailoring recipe, which is one of the best ways to raise the Tradeskill early on in the game.

Greater Faydark Allakhazam Zone Information

Greater Faydark P99 Zone Information