Evergreen Leaf Farming Locations

Evergreen Leaves are Ground Spawns which you can find in Greater Faydark. These leaves blend in extremely well with the ground and are so small that they're probably one of the easiest Ground Spawns to miss in the entire game. Above next to the picture of the Evergreen Leaf item info you'll see a screen shot of what the leaf looks like on the ground.

As you can see from the screen shot above, the leaf we're looking for is extraordinarily small. I have also included a map, shown below, that marks all of the locations I have ever seen Evergreen Leaves spawn. The best place to find them (imo) is just west of Felwithe on the path between the town and the Wizard Spire.

These leaves are used in two different recipes -- both have a Trivial of 36 and make the same item; just one recipe requires Alchemy and the other Poison Making. You'll need an Empty Vial, Evergreen Leaf and a Water Flask. Successfully combining these three items will make you an Evergreen Extract which is used in many different Tailoring Recipes.