How to reach Ocean of Tears

Translocator Fithop

There are two ways to reach Ocean of Tears - both of them require you to speak with a translocator NPC in different zones. One of them is located in East Freeport and the other is located in Butcherblock Mountains. Butcherblock is the easier of the two to reach and it's the one prominently covered in this guide; shown in the picture above.

Starting in PoK take the Kaladim stone and travel west to the docks. Here you'll find Translocator Fithop whom you can hail and tell him to port you to Ocean of Tears. That's all there is to it!

Butcherblock Mountains to OoT

One of the other ways to reach Ocean of Tears is through East Freeport. I have the Translocator marked on the map below, he's right next to the dock that I have the words "Translocator" over. This is the easier Translocator to reach if you're in Commonlands or on Antonica.

Translocator in West Freeport


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