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TDS Advloot Rare List

 This page is a complete list of all the rare items which drop in the The Darkened Sea expansion pack. If you add this list of items to your Advloot list then it'll automatically add these items to your Need list in the Advloot window. For more information about the Advloot Files follow the link provided.


141484^2153^Iron Wood Bulwark
141485^2170^White Coral Buckler
141486^2152^Shield of a Thousand Curses
141442^5743^Marauder's Goggles
141447^3680^Buccaneer's Gladiator Faceguard
141446^3679^Privateer's Visor of Anger
141445^2672^Freebooter's Minotaur Mask
141609^7928^Magna Fulgia
141443^6270^Brigand's Bronze Faceplate
141444^3678^Corsair's Golden Visor
14147^5075^Marauder's Ragged Sash
141460^2854^Marauder's Eelskin Cloak
141483^5055^Buccaneer's Linked Girdle
141482^3688^Privateer's Azure Sash
141465^2312^Buccaneer's Chainmail Cape
141481^5062^Freebooter's Plated Girdle
141479^1626^Brigand's Heavy Cord
141454^798^Marauder's Steel Pauldrons
141464^5072^Privateer's Comfortable Hood
141480^5049^Corsair's Flamboyant Belt
141463^5067^Freebooter's Inscribed Drape
141461^2853^Brigand's Trimmed Cloak
141462^2314^Corsair's Worn Poncho
141459^3211^Buccaneer's Chain Shoulders
141458^3208^Privateer's Reinforced Spaulders
141457^3212^Freebooter's Segmented Vambraces
141455^3214^Brigand's Inscribed Shoulders
141456^3206^Corsair's Shoulderpads
141494^1073^Cerulean Crystal Hammer
141495^2164^Staff of Apotheosis
141448^6587^Marauder's Bloodstone
141466^1709^Marauder's Shovel
141453^6586^Buccaneer's Turquoise Necklace
141452^6950^Privateer's Studded Necklace
141471^4789^Buccaneer's Canteen
141451^6588^Freebooter's Black Pearl Necklace
141449^6580^Brigand's Silver Pendant
141470^2084^Privateer's Silver Coin
141450^6589^Corsair's Layered Necklace
141469^4800^Freebooter's Coconut
141467^2016^Brigand's Finger Bones
141468^2079^Corsair's Golden Coin
141436^6609^Marauder's Stud
141472^6619^Marauder's Steel Ring
141441^6543^Buccaneer's Hoop
141477^6562^Buccaneer's Dragon Ring
141440^66612^Privateer's Stud
141476^6556^Privateer's Kraken Ring
141439^6551^Freebooter's Skull Earring
141475^6634^Freebooter's Jade Inlaid Band
141437^6542^Brigand's Hoop
141473^6559^Brigand's Turquoise Ring
141438^6610^Corsair's Stud
141474^6635^Corsair's Amethyst Inlaid Band
141496^3120^Arx Wood Recurve Bow
98845^3692^Bear Claw Cincture
98848^2308^Cymbalstrike Girdle
98811^2857^Dirty Leather Drape
98791^643^Calming Collar
98790^6586^Necklace of Dreams
98793^5046^Sanguine Scarf
98794^5047^Bandit Bandana
141490^2161^Jagged Iridescent Sword
141491^2160^Iridescent Coral Trident
141487^2157^Iridescent Coral Saber
141488^2162^Jagged Iridescent Dagger
141492^2165^Rod of Apotheosis
141489^2166^Twin Blade of Arx Iron
141493^2158^Indagatrix Blade