Grieg's End Oldschool Leveling Guide

A tormented mercenary

Note: This guide was written during 2008 when Underfoot was the main expansion pack. It may be inaccurate for players currently on live. It contains a lot of information, some of which may still be useful to players which is why I have decided to preserve the guide. If you haven't already I recommend you read my Live Servers Grieg's End Leveling Guide. Those of you who play on a TLP server will want to use my Luclin TLP Grieg's End Leveling Guide.

Greig's End was one of the best zones to get XP in when Luclin was out. It's a level 50+ zone with mobs pretty much everywhere. You will get good XP here starting at level 50 continuing up until level 65 at which point it will start to drop off a bit. For the earlier levels you will want to stay around the sides of Grieg's End (The areas circled in blue on the map below). Once you get to a higher level you will want to move on to the middle area of Grieg's End (the part that isn't circled).

As far as soloing in Grieg's End goes you will find that it's fairly easy to solo here and the mobs don't hit for that much. However there are a few raid mobs in this zone as well as a room to the south in the middle with mobs that hit for 2200. If you accidentally run into this room like I did it will end your leveling experience here quite quickly.

Map of Griegs End

Regardless of where you are in Grieg's End you will struggle to get single pulls, usually getting 3 or more mobs with each pull. For that reason I strongly recommend you be prepared and also have your Mercenary whether it be a tank healer or DPS ready and able before you start running through the zone.

If you are struggling with the mobs here take it slow and make sure you're full health and mana before you go from room to room. The mobs here have a large agro range and will agro you the second you enter the room usually before you can even figure out what's around you.

As for getting to Grieg's End you will want to go to PoK and take The Nexus Stone to... The Nexus of course. From here you will want to go to Netherbien Lair and then to Dawnshroud Peaks and then finally to Grieg's End. If you're a Druid you can skip all that running and just port to Dawnshroud Peaks though of course.


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