Acrylia Caverns Leveling Guide 51 - 59

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Note: This guide was written during 2008 when Underfoot was the main expansion pack. It may be inaccurate for players currently on live. It contains a lot of information, some of which may still be useful to players which is why I have decided to preserve the guide. If you haven't already I recommend you read my Live Servers Acrylia Caverns Leveling Guide. Those of you who play on a TLP server will want to use my Luclin TLP Acrylia Caverns Leveling Guide.

Acrylia Caverns is probably one of the best areas for players to grind out AAs in the 50s. The mobs here are extremely easy to kill and give a ton of AA XP, at level 59 I was getting about 10% a kill and my tank merc could solo about four or five of them at a time. In a single day I was able to get over 100 AAs here, which can really make a difference for players that are lower levels. I was able to get all of my most useful AAs in no time flat while grinding here and some even less useful AAs.

Acrylia Caverns, better known as AC is the best zone I have found to grind AAs in before level 60, the sheer amount of AAs you will be getting here every hour is just beyond anything I have ever seen before at these levels. Also, the amount of loot you will be getting in Acrylia Caverns is almost as impressive as the amount of XP you will get here.

There are a ton of Runes and Ore which drops from the grimling mobs here, most of which sells quite well to a vendor. The ore sells better than the runes but weighs a ton meaning you may have to make a lot of vendor trips, have weight reduction bags or not loot so much.

If you need room in your bags for more loot I recommend dropping the runes and holding onto the ore since the ore sells for much more. Also the grimling mobs here drop Crude Filth Covered weapons which sell for a lot at vendors, generally around 100 - 200pp.

They are heavy and take up an entire slot though, meaning you may need to destroy some runes or words to clear space. That's about all I can think of saying for loot, for now of course, so let's get started in taking a look at the actual zone. Below is a picture of the map which will cover the first half, the easier half, of the zone.

Acrylia Caverns Map

You enter Acrylia Caverns where it says Grimling Forest, which in hindsight is quite obvious to state. Anyway I call this the easier half of the zone since the mobs here are much lower level than the main area we will want to be hunting, the castle! Also in this general area there are much less mobs than what you will be finding at the castle and to state something even more so obvious, they drop worse loot than what you can find at the castle.

Depending on what level you come here you may want to level up a bit in this area before moving on. If you're below level 55 or 57 depending on your gear and if you have a merc with you, which you should, you will want to stick around this area until you're 100% sure you're ready.

I actually moved onto the castle at a much earlier level but I was boxing a Wizard that had a healer merc with my Druid that had a tank merc so I was able to handle much more than an average person soloing. Now getting to the castle from the entrance is not the easiest thing in the world if you don't know where you're going and also you will have to pretty much kill your way there since there are undead on the way which will see through your invis.

Now in order to get to the castle you will need to go to the far western end of the zone and click on a large statue in a room nearby to be ported up there. Below is a picture of the statue which you will need to click on as well as the location on the map with where the statue is located. (The black arrow and green X is where the statue can be found)

Statue to the CastleLocation of the Statue

The statue is on the western wall of the room, in the picture of the map I am looking directly at it. A single left click on this statue will take you up into the castle where you will be spending most of your time at level 59 + grinding for AAs. There are tons of mobs in this area for you to kill, three floors worth actually. The main floor that you come in on will have about ten mobs, then there is a floor above this with another ten or so and the basement below with anywhere between twenty and twenty five mobs.

The basement below consists of three different parts. There is a large room where the Arcanist can be found, another extremely large room with mobs of all different kinds and another named that can spawn on top of the executioner's pedestal.

Finally you have the most crowded room of them all which is known as the jail cells. Depending on how much you can handle, you may want to completely avoid the jail cells. Since pulling the jail cells means you will be getting roughly five to six mobs at once, you might not be able to completely handle it at first.

When I first came to Acrylia Caverns I was able to handle the jail cells, although they were difficult, however I was unable to handle clearing out the entire castle camp. I'm not trying to brag but instead I'm trying to say don't worry about clearing the jail cells if they're difficult because some other part of this camp is going to be spawned. Kill what's easiest to you and don't worry about going to the less frequented mobs until you're already running out of mobs to kill.


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