Korascian Warrens 85 - 95 Leveling Guide

Depending on how good your gear is and how many AAs you have the Korascian Warrens could be far too difficult of a place for you to hunt alone. With a group you could easily conquer it but alone it can be quite difficult depending on how powerful your character is. I wouldn't even try this location without a character that is at least level 85 and has 1.7k or more AAs. I came here at level 90 with 1.7k AAs and it was still moderatly difficult to get started but I think if I took it really slow at level 85 I would have been fine.

Now Korascian Warrens is a huge zone with tons of mobs of all different kinds to kill so the next big question is "what do I kill?" Well, I have found a few different camps that are really good in Korascian Warrens but depending exactly on your class will determine which of the camps you go to. I enjoy the crystalline camp the most in northeastern Warrens the most but you can kind of just roam around anywhere and kill whatever and make good XP. With you and a merc with you it ends up being about 15 - 20% of an AA (for a DB at 90).

This crystalline camp of mobs would be completely off limits to a level 85 with only 1-1.4k AAs. Granted some of you could solo here it would just be extremely inefficient and not worth it xp wise. For a level 85 I recommend you solo around the entrance and around where it says Loc 1 on the map below.

These two areas will provide you with the lowest and weakest mobs in the zone. It's still important that you're cautious around this area though as you can get some adds which will quickly ruin your day. If you don't have at least 1.4k or more AAs you're going to be completely owned in this zone over and over again. Sometimes still even with that low of AAs you can still be owned over and over here. It's highly recommended that you go back to lower zones like Oceangreen Hills or Blackburrow to raise your AAs up to the point of where you can hunt here.

Location 2 starts to head back towards harder mobs and one of the Void Progression tasks. It's actually pretty easy to solo around here, almost just as hard as it is nearby location 3. At location 2 you will find tons of spiders and frogs. Most of them come in single pulls or packs of two; from what I have seen getting 3 at once is quite rare. Location 2 is where you should go if you're new to the zone and unsure how much or what you can handle but you know you can do better than the entrance. The only thing that is even kind of crappy about this camp is a lot of people will constantly be running by to do the progression task.

Location 3 is actually the first location I went too in the warrens. I wasn't alone and had two Healer mercs out with me so this location seemed a lot easier than it was at first. All around this lake you will be fighting crystalline monsters which hit pretty hard and some of them (the corrupters) have a nasty mana drain. I highly recommend getting or keeping a spell memorized that cleanses this (as it also saps health and energy)!

Above this sentence is a picture of the crystalline corrupter which will drain your mana/health/energy with an extremely annoying ability. Below is a picture of one of these attribute drains. Keep in mind that this debuff icon can appear in both the Songs window as well as the Effects window. From what I have seen there are three different drains they use on you. One is barely anything horrible lowering your mana drain to -100 (depending on your base mana regen, it may just decrease it and not put it into the negatives).

Then there is a more potent and annoying draining ability that will dramatically lower your mana and health regen into the negative thousands. This one is the nasty one that needs to be dispelled or cleansed immediately. Without a way to cleanse these drains stay away from this area entirely. Stick with location 2, trust me on this one.

That's about all there is to Korascian Warrens and the three best camps that I have found while hunting there. In closing I would just like to say that with all honesty Korascian Warrens was one of the funnest and most rewarding zones I have leveled in recently. I spent most of my time at Location 3 and was averaging about 120 - 160 AAs a day depending on how long I played that day.


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