Bloody Kithicor Relatively Weak Animals

a shadow wolf

Note: This guide was written during 2008 when Underfoot was the main expansion pack. It may be inaccurate for players currently on live. It contains a lot of information, some of which may still be useful to players which is why I have decided to preserve the guide. If you haven't already I recommend you read my Bloody Kithicor Leveling Guide.

The animals of Bloody Kithicor Forest are some of the earlier "relatively weak" mobs in the game that you come across. If you are new to the whole relatively weak con on these mobs, it means that the mobs hit for much less and have much less HP than regular mobs.

Pretty much they are weaker than a regular mob of this level in every single way possible. Also since these mobs are weaker than all other mobs of their level as you could have guessed they do give less XP than usual. I suspect that these mobs were added for people who accidentally blew through the earlier levels and didn't get any AAs and now are severly gimped and now need to make up for where they went wrong.

As with all animals these animals con friendly to Druids, Rangers and Beastlords making this an exceptionally easy place to level for these three classes since they won't even have t oworry about adds here. Other classes will have to worry about an occasional add but let's face it, these animals rarely hit for over 100 so the chances of two of them, even three or four of them killing you is extremely low. Actually the only thing I can think of that really sucks about these animals is they run. But if you have Snare that's no big deal at all.

You will want to stay around the zone in area when you're grinding the animals in Bloody Kith. There are animals all over the zone but around the zone in is the safest place to be. Honestly the whole zone is pretty much friendly to everyone but there are still some places you can get into trouble if you're not careful.

Also there is a vendor by the zone in incase your inventory starts getting filled up you can just vendor whatever trash you've looted and get back to grinding. Below is a map of the zone with a large blue circle around the area you'll want to stay in.

Map of the Animals Location In Bloody Kithicor

Map of Bloody Kithicor

Probably the only thing bad about this zone is the loot isn't the greatest. There are some valuable items that you can find but mostly everything is just absolute trash. I wouldn't even recommend looting the Ruined or Low Quality animal pelts as they don't even sell for a gold. However other vendorable goodies such as the Pancreas' and the Pearlescent teeth will vendor for 30pp or more for each one!

Also don't skip out on looting the rank 2 spells and especially the rank 2 tomes, even if you can't use them they vendor for close to 300pp each (the tomes going for upwards of 1k pp)! Aside from those items be sure to hold on to any gems that you find here and Aderirse Bur/Chronal Resonace Dust. Each of these items will sell in The Bazaar for quite a bit of plat. You can also hold onto the High Quality pelts as they will sell in The Bazaar but they won't sell for as much as the other goodies.


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