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Rain of Fear - Portal Attunement Quests

Shards Landing

The Rain of Fear expansion pack introduces 8 new zones all of which can be reached from Shard's Landing which you can access through the Guild Hall. Without the Guild Hall you'd have to get a Wizard/Druid portal or run through a bunch of VoA zones to get here. Erillion, City of Bronze is the VoA zone connected to Shard's Landing.

In the central portion of Shard's Landing inside the mountains and surrounding the large crack in the ground you'll find a bunch of different portals. Each of these portals has an NPC standing next to them with a tag called (Portal Tender); shown in the picture below.

Leopold Crunchbasher

Basically what you're going to want to do is travel around Shard's Landing and speak to each of these NPCs. Say [attune] to them and then accept the quests that they give you. Each quest will come with the item Dire Tuning Crystal which you'll want to hang onto as we'll need to use them in the RoF zones we travel to. Since there are 8 zones that means there are a total of 8 quests in total.

Accept them all and then decide what it is you'd like to do. Would you like to travel to each zone now and complete the attunements or would you like to wait and do them one by one as you visit those zones? Regardless of your decision I have compiled guides below on how to reach each of the RoF zones that you need to attune too.

Once you reach these zones all you need to do is zone in and then click on the Dire Tuning Crystal. Wait 10 seconds or however long it takes for it to finish casting and you're done! Zone back to Shard's Landing (through the purple portal) to complete the quest and activate the portal to this zone in Shard's Landing.

It's worth mentioning too that you can bind in every single RoF zone. Meaning if you have a Wizard/ Druid alt or friend that is attuned to the zone you want to access all they need to do is run in, bind, zone back and Teleport Bind you right into the zone. That's how I do my portal attunements for all of my boxes.

Dire Tuning Crystal

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