How to get to Vxed and Tipt

In order for you to get to Vxed and Tipt, you'll first need to make it to Barindu. You can have a Druid or Wizard port you close to this zone or take the Guild Hall portal directly to Barindu if your server is up to that expansion pack. Otherwise you'll have to take the very long route through Natimbi to get here. For more information on how to get to Barindu head on over to my How to Get To Barindu Guide.

Once you're in Barindu you'll want to speak with Apprentice Udranda in the northeastern portion of the zone (use my map below for guidance). Say Vxed to her for the expedition that allows you access to the zone of Vxed, Tipt for the Tipt expedition or, "I will take heed" which will give you the mission version of Vxed used in this expansions progression.



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