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How to get to Chardok (EoK)

Scorched Woods to Chardok

 Before we get started, this page is for the EoK version of Chardok which is reached through the Scorched Woods. If you're looking for the Original RoK Chardok which is reached through Burning Woods then follow the link provided to be taken to that guide instead.

 Now, first thing you'll want to do is make your way over to The Scorched Woods. Once you're in this zone you'll want to travel as far to the northeast as you can possibly go, which is where you will find the entrance to Chardok. You'll have to be very careful on the run up to the sarnak fortress outside of Chardok, many of the Wurms, skeletons and undead apes see through invisibility.

 If you make it to the fortress (shown in my map below) you'll be safe from see invis enemies. The zone line to Chardok is just to the right after entering the northern most room.

Chardok Entrance


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