Almar's Third Boxing Computer (15 Box)

This page is going to talk more about my third computer which was a budget PC that was a gamble which totally did not pay off for me. The main reason that this computer sucks so badly is because of its processor. It has a Kaby Lake processor which was the brand new Intel 2017 release and what a piece of garbage these processors were.

The entire parts list for this computer can be found in the picture below. Click on the list to maximize it.

Almars Third Boxing Computer

My Third Computer Intel i5 7600K CPU 3.80 GHz *32 Gigs RAM* Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 - Boxes 15 Characters @ 100% CPU Usage 40% RAM Usage


The computer featured on this page is my third and least favorite computer for boxing in Everquest. This computer can only run 15 absolute tops and as you can see I usually run this bitch at 100% CPU. That's cause I hate this computer and I want to burn it out - well - I want to experiment and see how long I can run it at 100% before I burn it out.

I originally bought this computer expecting it to run at the very least 18 - It was a really cheap buy and an experiment. I was extremely disappointed when I got it and realized it could only run a total of 15 comfortably, any more and it just lags to hell and back. It runs 15 at about 30 fps with slight choppiness in some areas.

There isn't much more for me to say about this computer than that. If you were only looking to box 6 - 12 a computer like this would be perfect for you, although the Graphics Card and RAM are a bit of overkill considering it can't run enough characters to actually warrant having that much RAM/GPU power. If you wanna play other games and EQ though, that may be just alright.


Anyway that's really all I can think of to say about my main computer. I might add more to this page later but I wanted to document my experiences while boxing and using this computer because there's not much information on the internet about what computers (and their specs) can box how many characters.



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