Almar's Secondary Boxing Computer (18 - 24 Box)

This page is going to talk more about my secondary computer which isn't a prebuilt computer and actually is one that I got off newegg for about 1,200$ in August 2017. This is one of my favorite boxing computers that I have ever owned primarily because it took no extended research or building on my end. I ordered it straight from newegg, didn't need to wait almost a month to get it and it was affordable.

I've included specs in two different pictures below. Here is the newegg link for the computer but I would imagine that within 6 months the link will probably change or the computer won't be sold anymore. Though who knows, maybe you'll get lucky!

Computer Specs in Text: Intel i7 7700k CPU 4.20 GHz *32 Gigs RAM* Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 - Boxes 24 Characters @ 60% RAM 80% CPU usage


This is the computer I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a computer and box EQ. It's affordable, can VERY easily box 18 characters and also handle other tasks at the same time. The computer can actually run 24 without much of an issue and also youtube videos at the same time without lagging but it pushes the maximum CPU capacity a bit much for my tastes.

Unlike my main computer - the worst part of this computer for boxing is the CPU. That isn't to say that it's a bad CPU either just that it isn't the best. There's no reason to ever get more than 32 Gigs of RAM to box EQ so that part is perfect. Then you have the GeForce GTX 1070 which is just complete and total overkill for Everquest.

Anyone who read my main computer boxing writeup will know that can box twice the amount this comp can with a GeForce 740. If you're reading these guides looking for a computer to buy I very very strongly recommend you use this computer as a comparison tool. You'll want to use CPU Boss and GPU Boss to compare any CPU or GPU to what you see here to know how much that computer can box.

CPU Boss for CPU Comparisons

GPU Boss for GPU Comparisons

Try to find a CPU as comparable to the one shown in this computer as possible. Really any computer you buy that comes with a graphics card these days will be more than enough to run Everquest so you don't even have to do GPU Boss comparisons if you only plan to box EQ. If you'd like to play other games though you may very well want to use that site too.

Anyway that's really all I can think of to say about my main computer. I might add more to this page later but I wanted to document my experiences while boxing and using this computer because there's not much information on the internet about what computers (and their specs) can box how many characters.



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