MacroQuest 2 Useful Features You May Not Know

Aside from Kissassist, there are hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of extremely useful features you can use in MacroQuest 2 that will make your gameplay more enjoyable. This guide is going to talk about just some of those features that I have found extremely helpful over the past few years.


/mac scribe (In Redguides Compile)

This is an extremely useful macro for when you are trying to learn a new set of spells on your characters. All you have to do is go up to your spell merchant and type /mac scribe with the vendor window open. This macro will buy everything on the vendor for you and memorize it.

Sometimes though it'll skip a spell or two, a good example of this is for Wizards in Ring of Scale since there is a spell named Cloudburst Thunderbolt - which is also the level 97 version's name too... so it won't purchase that spell. For this reason I find it's always best to check the vendor afterwards to make sure it did what it's supposed to do. This is a good tip in general when using MQ2, it works 99.9% of the time.


/nav target (MQ2Nav)

The holy grail of MQ2 usefulness starts with MQ2nav in my opinion. This single plugin has saved me so much damn time it's completely unreal. The majority of the time that I run across the zone I target the NPC I wanna travel to and type /nav target. Then I alt tab and read the quest I am supposed to be doing or the quest that comes after the one I am doing. I can't recommend this enough. Use it, abuse it.


MQ2EasyFind (Redguides Plugin)

This bad boy is another plugin that makes the game better in nearly every way. Basically, if you have the zone meshed and this plugin loaded with MQ2nav loaded, when you click on something in the Find window - this plugin will just start running you there.


/mac Fish

This has the potential to be a great macro but it's designed with the intention in mind that you're going to waste time doing a quest that gets you a fishing rod that does not break. For that reason, you have to baby this macro at all times and equip a fishing rod each time it breaks. Alternatively - you could always just do the quest for the unbreakable fishing rod. I'm listing this macro though as a great example of MQ2 saving you hours of your time.


/mac start

One of my extremely basic custom macros. You don't need MQ2 EasyFind or Nav or anything to make this baby work, although I should add compatibility with these two plugins to my macro, I am lazy. Basically what this macro does is when you log into a brand spankin' new character in Crescent Reach, you type /start and it claims the Gift of Legacies Lost, uses a Speed Potion, PoK book and grabs the Fellowship Insignia then binds your character in the Guild Lobby.

It cuts out all the annoying stuff you have to do each time you make a character! For a boxer like me it's an amazing help since repeating tedious tasks like that is such a pain in the arse.


/mac forage

Another macro I slapped together that doesn't come with the Redguides compile. This will auto forage on your character's without you having to sit there tediously foraging for hours on end. Big time saver - but not something you should abuse as you can get suspended for AFK foraging.


/mac language

The last of the macros I have designed on my own for now - this one is great for people playing on firiona vie to learn Elvish or people doing the Plane of War Murdunk's mission that you have to learn Ogre for... Basically any language learning requirements - this baby has you covered.


/mac cleanbags "destroy.ini"

Another macro found on Redguides that I sincerely recommend. Basically, it generates an INI file the first time you run it titled, destroy.ini. You add items you'd like to destroy to this file and it takes care of the dirty work for you! If you'd like to use my personal /mac cleanbags destroy.ini file follow the link provided.