Almar's Forage Macro

This is an extremely simple forage macro that I threw together once upon a time which as you could imagine forages for me! The Artisan's Prize quest added in a bunch of annoying drops that you need to forage up and fish up - this macro makes half the process a lot less tedious!

The only prerequisite to running the macro is placing Forage at spot #1 in your Abilities window. Once you do that it'll forage away for as long as you'd like! I also have /doability forage in the macro too, so you don't even have to set Forage as an ability # in your window if you don't want to. It may spam your MQ2 window if you do, so it's up to you to delete that line if you do not want it.


| Forage.mac
| Almar's Forage Macro

Sub Main
/doability 1
/doability forage
/delay 1s
/delay 1s

/goto :Loop