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           Macroquest 2 is the best third party software you can get for Everquest... hands down. Isboxer is good at what it does, it helps you box and broadcast keys to each character but it's not Macroquest. MQ2 is built for EQ and it enhances the game in basically every single way. This page here is going to go through all of the reasons (I think) you should use the Redguides compile of MacroQuest 2.


Bazaar & Bank


Barter Auto Seller - Automatically and instantly sell your inventory to the highest bidder on the /barter system.

Bazaar.mac 3.0 Beta - Barter Fixed - Automate your bazaar mule. Set competitive prices, make callouts, set max and minimum prices, etc. Now with barter mode.

Bazaar Price Archive Macro - This macro will create an INI file of previous bazaar prices that you can reference to see if you're getting a good deal.

Guild Bank Bot - Move and manage items in the guild bank.

Shared bank cleaner - this quick macro will empty everything from your shared bank slots into your bank bags.

Tribute Mac - The macro will scan through the bazaar and scan all the items for tribute items that fit the max price, and ratio that you set, and if you chose to, it can also automatically buy the items via the parcel system


Loot & Vendor


Buystuff 2.0 (included in the compile) - A macro that will buy things from a vendor. (example: /mac buystuff "water flask" 100)

cleanbags.mac - Will destroy all items in your bags marked as =Destroy in loot.ini or custom .ini Uses ninjadvloot (example: /mac cleanbags for loot.ini or /mac cleanbags "yourcustom.ini" )

Dreamshard.mac - Turns in Dream Fragments for HoT Rk. II spells, which you can vendor for plat.

Loot.mac (included in the compile) - Will check for corpses to loot every 30 seconds in a radius of 100. Uses ninjadvloot.

Loyalty.mac - Buy and open multiple bags from the loyalty vendor in PoK.

Ninjadvloot - an include file to automate looting in any macro.

Parcel Bot - Automatically parcel items in bulk.

Scribe.mac - Will purchase and scribe every spell/tome that your character doesn't currently have.

sellstuff.mac (included in compile) - Will sell everything marked as "sell" in your loot.ini. Target the vendor and type /mac sellstuff

Toggle Advanced Looting System On/Off - a macro that can tell if advlooting is on or off, and will toggle it.

Trivial Loot macro - Loots a big pile of corposes, only taking things that have a plat value, or are armor/weapons.



ZoneNames.mac - will generate a report for the zone id, zone name, zone shortname for EVERY zone in game.

KISSini.mac - Import and upgrade / downgrade most items in .ini to correct level.

Finger.mac - This macro will really tell people how you feel...

Auto Key Pusher - a macro that will repeatedly press a button.

Cauldron of Endless / Countless Goods macro - Summon and keep/destroy items using the Magician's spells Cauldron of Endless / Countless goods.

Cauldron of Many Goods - Summon and keep/destroy items using the Mage's Cauldron of Many Goods. Wake up to bags of good stuff.

Chat.mac - Easily log in to the #redguides IRC channel to chat in-game.

downshit and holyshit builder - makes an .ini file with all the spells in your spell gems, all clickes and discs. The shitsbuilder.exe then takes that data and builds downshits and holyshits that can be copied to your SERVER_TOON.INI file.

EQ_Backup.exe - backs up all your important configuration files within the EverQuest install directory. Great for safely making big changes, and moving between PC's.

EQ_Restore.exe - Pick and choose what configuration backups to restore from your EQ_Backup archives.

Everyday tasks in EQ made EASY!! - Remaps your F2-F12 keys to issue common commands for Everquest / MQ2.

FriendsList.mac - This handy dandy utility is designed to allow you export/list/import your friends list between characters.

Full auto macro - Sets up your group to run KissAssist automatically by setting roles, targeting pullers, main assists, and so on.

Full auto 2.0 - Like the macro above, but better!

Generate About 10 Free Essence Emeralds Per Hour - Pretty self explanatory name. Generates essence emeralds from a combat dummy in a grand guildhall.

Lazy Lobby Rez Macro - Will go to the Guild Lobby merchant to buy item to summon corpse, buy appropriate one for your level, go to corpse summoner, give it to him/her, revive your merc, and take a rez.

Mage Pet Maker - Will make a pet after you die, including summoning all the weapons, armor, buffs, etc. appropriate for your level.

map.mac (included in compile) - filters the map to alternate default settings that make it more readable.

MemSpells - a macro that will open an INI file and mem what spells are in the [MySpells] section.

rez.mac (included in compile) - Waits for resurrection confirmation box, clicks accept when available.

NPC_Loc - locate/map positions of ALL mobs for a zone you are in, as well as an alternate ability to simply get info on the mob

Screenshots and MQ2 - A macro that lets you take a screenshot without MQ2 showing up.

Simple AHK - Game Loader - a very basic autohotkey script that loads up MQ2, EQBCS, and 6 EverQuest accounts.

Spawn Check/Map Entry Maker - Alerts you to any named in zone that drops loot, plus adds location of the spawn to a mapfile.

Tell n Spell Buff Bot - A great little buff bot. The bot will cast a buff when someone sends it a certain message.

Xev.mac - A little macro to summon food and water with Magician's Gift of Xev, while destroying the other crap.

MQ2ZonePCCmd - A mac that loops thru your group and if group members are in-zone, will send them a command of your choice


Cams.mac (included in the compile) - A macro that will make standard bow cams until it runs out of gears.

Chronal Resonance Dust - use a Collapsed Chronal Transmutation Device to convert Cosgrove Powder into Chronal Resonance Dust.

Enchant Material Mac - a macro that will cast a spell in gem slot 1 and then auto inventory the item. Used to enchant metal or Purified Mana for crafting stuff. If you run out of stuff to enchant it will end.

Farm Mass Bearskins AFK - A macro that farms mass amounts of bearskins while AFK.

Fishing - A thread full of fishing macros of all types. Skill-up and profit from fishing. (Public)

Homemade Bait Making Mac - Using Anizok's Bait Dispenser, make Homemade Bait that stacks to 250.

Simple experimental environment (Forge, Kiln, etc) combine macro - does combines until the recipe is learned.

Tradeskill Combine Macro - Get your items, select the recipe, and this mac will do the combines.

Ultimate Potion Making Macro - This is an Alchemy macro for automating a few different commonly used potions

AHToools.inc - adds safety features to any macro through the use of an .inc file.

GTFO! 2.0 - A macro that gives up your camp to strangers automatically. If a stranger is within a radius you set, GTFO will port your group out of the zone. After a cooldown, your group will return to the camp spot and start up again.


AAList.mac - Lists all AA's in .ini format, ready for you to modify and use with the MQ2AASpend plugin.

Inventory.mac (included in compile) - Takes inventory of your character's items, plat, and bank, then saves a file to your macroquest folder > log > inventory.mac.log

MQ2CharacterSheets - Dumps all of the equipment and banked items a character owns to a spreadsheet, complete with magelo links.

ShowBonuses.mac (included in compile) - Shows you all of your stat bonuses.



Melee & Spell Skills

Bard Skiller Macro - Bard skill trainer that recognizes your level and trains up the bard abilities it finds.

Bard SongUp Macro - Increase a bard's song skills in all instruments.

Intimidate & Forage - Skill up macros for forage, intimidation, and begging.

Leveler.mac - Set the spell gem you want to train, and this macro will do the rest. (Public)

Maskoi's Ultimate Monk Trainer v 1.5 - The macro recognizes the monks level and skills levels and will only train those abilities it finds. It only concentrates on special attacks Kick, Mend, Intimidation, Round Kick, Tiger Claw, Feign Death, Eagle Strike, Dragon Punch (Tail Rake), Flying Kick.

Melee skill ups for clerics, druids and shaman - offense, defense, bash, and other melee skills for the healers.

Skills.mac - auto skill raiser - This skill raising mac will use whatever spells you have memmed or abilities you have on your ability keys. It will use your target if you have one and attempt more abilities, else will use yourself as target. (Public)

Spell Casting Skillup Trainer v1.5 - Will max out spell casting skills. Will also detect your desired specialization.


Other Skills

Alaran.mac - Will complete "words of the unspoken" until you hit 100 in the Alaran language.

Alcohol Tolerance - Will buy and drink booze until your skill is maxed and your wife has left you.

Language macro - Max out all 25 languages in a few minutes.

Max Bind Wounds Skill - Max bind wounds skill. Reduces health automatically.

Simple Alcohol tolerance - Simple alcohol tolerance macro. Minimal error checking, just consumes what is specified and will buy more if the merchant is in zone.

Skill up almost everything in one macro - Max out Begging, Forage, Tracking, all Spell skills, Bard skills, fishing, hiding, and sneaking in one macro.

Uberdrunk - Automated alcohol tolerance macro. (Public)

AutoCleric 2.0 - Fully automated Cleric Healing - No INI edits needed

Berserker Macro - Maximize DPS on a berserker you're running in the group.

Enchanter Generic Puller - Makes your enchanter pull mobs to your group.

Modified AF Nuke Macro - a Nuke macro optimized for wizards. Currently getting 50k+ dps on a lvl 105 wiz.

My simple macros for the masses - Two simple paladin and necro macros. Works on emulators as well. (Public)

Necro.mac v1.0.0 - Fully automated Necro Script - This macro will run a necro fully automated for group play and will dot, slow, Pet assist, nuke, use AA's and keep self buffs up.

NEW VERSION OF CLERIC MAC - A cleric bot pieced together from other macros, with a customizable.ini

Out of Group Buffing For PowerLeveling (KeepToonBuffed) - Heal and buff your low level toons for efficient powerleveling.

Pacify.inc - An include file to pop into any macro that will pacify mobs.

Shadowknight Swarm Assist - a little macro to help with shadowknight's swarming.

Shambot 7.0 - A truly great shaman bot.

Simple farm bot - a macro that will walk a defined path, stop when aggro is received, kill, loot, and continue on.

Very basic headshot macro - A Ranger macro that will root and shoot.

Wizard Mac - A DPS macro for lvl 100 wizards.

Jaggedpine.mac - A simple macro for farming Greater Lightstones on the EZ Server

Raz's AFNuke2 for 105 Fire Wizies

Raz's EoKNuke for 105 Fire Wizies

ZoneFarm.mac - Runs around certain zones, getting agro and meleeing mobs to death. Made to farm Tradeskill materials.


Quests & Events

Bone Chips

Bone chips - full auto - Quickly level a new character with the bone chip quest. Requires a high lvl wizard.

Bone chips - Full Auto - FAST as possible mods - Quickly level a new character with the bone chip quest. Requires a high lvl wiz or dru.

Bone Chips Full Auto - Fellowship - Quickly level a new character with the bone chip quest.

Bonechips Revised - Quickly level a new character with the bone chip quest.

PL.mac - Quickly level a new character with the bone chip quest. Requires high lvl wizard or druid.

Into the Hills

Enchanter Dead Hills 2.0 (beta) - Automate the event, "Into the Hills" with an enchanter as puller.

CotF HA - Into the Hills v3 (Full Auto) - A revision to William12's Into the Hills script with updated waypoints.

Into the Hills All Tanks V2 - Automate the event, "Into the Hills" with any tank pulling.

Into the Hills Ranger, War, SK - Automate the event, "Into the Hills" with a Ranger pulling.

Into the Hills SK V 2.0 - Automate the event, "Into the Hills" with a SK pulling.

Other Quests/Events

12th Anniversary Augment quest macro - Safe Version - For the "Glowing Lena Fete Rune" quest, this will locate the quest groundspawn items and walk you to each/pick them up and auto-inventory them. It does not use any warping.

Cleric Epic 1.0 - CampRageFire.mac - Camps Zordak Ragefire in SolB so you don't have to.

CotF HA - Death Peace v2 (Full Auto) - Automate the 3rd HA, "Death Peace" from Skulk the MadAxe.

CotF HA - Disrupting the Ritual (Full Auto) - Automate "Disrupting the Ritual"

CotF HA - Scouting Ahead v2 (Full Auto) - A cleaned up version of William12's Scouting Ahead SK file for all tanks. New waypoints, pauses for more reliable looting, med breaks.

Hatching a Plan instance flipping - Runs the "Hatching a Plan" quest in order to powerlevel lower toons.

QuestTurnin Mass Auto Turnin - Automates the handing in of quest/task items. Useful for things like Icefall Ivory Tusk or when you have too many items to turn in by hand.

Scouting Ahead SK V1.0 - Automate the event, "Scouting Ahead" with a Shadowknight as tank.

tut.mac - Finish Tutorial A - Automates and completes the tutorial.

zueria.mac - Tsaph's Day Off - Completes/resumes 18th anniversary quest for Zueria Slide










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