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Velious Fableds

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Cobalt Scar

The Fabled Azureake
Loot: Fabled Chrysolite

The Fabled Kelorek'Dar
Loot: Fabled Cloak of Crystalline Waters

The Fabled Yvolcarn
Loot: Fabled Crest of the Drixie

Crystal Caverns

The Fabled Foreman Rixact
Loot: Fabled Foreman's Skull Cap

The Fabled Foreman Smason
Loot: Fabled Frozen Long Sword

The Fabled Life Leech
Loot: Fabled Chipped Velium Amulet

The Fabled Queen Dracnia
Loot: Fabled Crystalline Robes

The Fabled Ry'Gorr Herbalist
Loot: Fabled Blackened Crystalline Robe

Dragon Necropolis

The Fabled Dominator Yisaki
Loot: Fabled Scroll of Knowledge

The Fabled Dustbinder Grakina
Loot: The Fabled Chetari Wardstaff

The Fabled Queen Raltaas
Loot: Fabled Queen Carapace

The Fabled Seeker Bulava
Loot: Fabled Scroll of Enlightenment

The Fabled Vaniki
Loot: Fabled Willsapper

The Fabled Vilefang
Loot: Fabled Infestation

The Fabled Warmaster Utvara
Loot: Fabled Scroll of Insight

The Fabled Zlandicar
Loot: Fabled Cowl of Mortality

Eastern Wastes

The Fabled Captain Ulmog
Loot: Fabled Captain Ulmogs Brooch

The Fabled Chief Ry'Gorr
Loot: Fabled Ry'Gorr Battle Mail

The Fabled Firbrand
Loot: Fabled Gauntlets of the Black

The Fabled Oracle of Ry'Gorr
Loot: Fabled Cloak of Ry'Gorr Oracles

The Fabled Snow Bunny
Loot: Fabled Snow Bunny Hat

Great Divide

The Fabled Blizzent
Loot: Fabled Blizzent's Fang

The Fabled Gorul Longshanks
Loot: Fabled Runebranded Stone Buckler

The Fabled Icetooth
Loot: Fabled Icetooth's Claws

The Fabled Shardtooth
Loot: Fabled Crystalline Eye

The Fabled Shardwurm Broodmother
Loot: Fabled Wurm Meat

The Fabled Shardwurm Matriarch
Loot: Fabled Bracer of Scale

Iceclad Ocean

The Fabled Lodizal
Loot: The Fabled Lodizal Shell Shield

The Fabled Stormfeather
Loot: Fabled Eyepatch of Plunder

Icewell Keep

The Fabled Chamberlain Krystorf
Loot: Fabled Gown of the Chamberlain

The Fabled Dain Frostreaver IV
Loot: Fabled Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak

The Fabled Glucose
Loot: Fabled Incandescent Bracer

The Fabled Grizznot
Loot: Fabled Grizznot's Claws

Kael Drakkel

The Fabled Avatar of War
Loot: Fabled Ring of Destruction

The Fabled Derakor the Vindicator
Loot: Fabled Chestplate of Vindication

The Fabled Fjorkar Frozenshard
Loot: Fabled Eyepatch of the Shadows

The Fabled Kallis Stormcaller
Loot: Fabled Blade of Tormenting

The Fabled Keldor Dek'Torek
Loot: Fabled Orb of the Infinite Void

The Fabled King Tormax
Loot: Fabled Horn of Hsagra

The Fabled Statue of Rallos Zek
Loot: Fabled Swiftblade of Zek

Kerafyrm's Lair

The Fabled Final Arbiter
Loot: Fabled Ancient Prismatic Brawl Stick

The Fabled Kildrukaun the Ancient
Loot: Fabled Boots of the Ancients

The Fabled Master of the Guard
Loot: Fabled Ancient Prismatic Warsword

The Fabled Overseer
Loot: Fabled Priceless Velium Claidhmore

The Fabled Progenitor
Loot: Fabled Tome of Innovation

The Fabled Tjudawos the Ancient
Loot: Fabled Lungi of the Forbidden

The Fabled Vyskudra the Ancient
Loot: Fabled Clawed Coat of Tyro

The Fabled Zeixshi'Kar the Ancient
Loot: Fabled Tenuous Dragonscale Slippers

Plane of Growth

The Fabled Ail the Elder
Loot: Fabled Sorcerer's Robe

The Fabled Fayl Everstrong
Loot: Fabled Assassin's Chestguard

The Fabled Prince Thirneg
Loot: Fabled Flute of the Scared Glade

The Fabled Rumbleroot
Loot: Fabled Chestplate of Stability

The Fabled Treah Greenroot
Loot: Fabled Resplendant Robe

The Fabled Tunare
Loot: Fabled Girdle of Living Thorns

Siren's Grotto

The Fabled Fellspine
Loot: Fabled Fellspine's Tail

The Fabled High Priestess Sercema
Loot: Fabled Coral Encrusted Vambracers

The Fabled Mistress Latazura
Loot: Fabled Cloak of the Seacaller


The Fabled Charayan the Crusader
Loot: Fabled Signet of the Shrine

The Fabled Grendish the Crusader
Loot: Fabled Signet of the Shrine

The Fabled Jortreva the Crusader
Loot: Fabled Aegis of the Shrine

The Fabled Lord Yelinak
Loot: Fabled Mask of the Dragon Slayer

The Fabled Sursarrak the Crusader
Loot: Fabled Rod of the Healers

Temple of Veeshan

The Fabled Aaryonar
Loot: Fabled Katana of Pain

The Fabled Cekenar
Loot: Fabled Blackstar, Mace of Night

The Fabled Dagarn the Destroyer
Loot: Fabled Belt of the Destroyer

The Fabled Dozekar the Cursed
Loot: Fabled Silver Bracelet of Speed

The Fabled Eashen of the Sky
Loot: Fabled Claw of Lightning

The Fabled Gozzrem
Loot: Fabled Shovel of the Harvest

The Fabled Ikatiar the Venom
Loot: Fabled Ikatiar's Stinger

The Fabled Jorlleag
Loot: Fabled Earring of the Icecaster

The Fabled Lady Mirenilla
Loot: Fabled Shawl of Perception

The Fabled Lady Nevederia
Loot: Fabled Cloak of Thorns

The Fabled Lendiniara the Keeper
Loot: Fabled Silver Girdle of Stability

The Fabled Lord Feshlak
Loot: Fabled Boots of the Dead Dream

The Fabled Lord Koi'Doken
Loot: Fabled Net of the Deep Sea

The Fabled Lord Kreizenn
Loot: Fabled Silver Disk

The Fabled Lord Vyemm
Loot: Fabled Vyemm's Left Eye

The Fabled Sevalak
Loot: Fabled Great Spear of Doom

The Fabled Telkorenar
Loot: Fabled Black Rock Maul of Crushing

The Fabled Vulak'Aerr
Loot: Fabled Sal'Varae's Robe of Darkness

The Fabled Zlexak
Loot: Fabled Baton of Flame

The Wakening Land

The Fabled Frostgiant Overseer
Loot: Fabled Helm of the Tracker

The Fabled Grand Vizier Poolakacha'tei
Loot: Fabled Holgresh Grand Vizier Beads

The Fabled Lady Gelistial
Loot: Fabled Gelistials Horn

The Fabled Priest Delar
Loot: Fabled Gloves of Earthcrafting

The Fabled Rapticor
Loot: Fabled Tigeraptor Hide

The Fabled Wuoshi
Loot: Fabled Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn

Tower of Frozen Shadow

The Fabled Cara Omica
Loot: Fabled Embalmers Skinning Knife

The Fabled Head Usher
Loot: Fabled Crystallized Shadow Belt

The Fabled Incoherent Spirit
Loot: Fabled Abram's Axe of the Stoic

The Fabled Maggot Infested Flesh
Loot: Fabled Fingerbone Necklace

The Fabled Narmak Berekka
Loot: Fabled Shield of Shadows

The Fabled Priest Majes Medory
Loot: Fabled Beer Stained Coldain Tunic

The Fabled Tserrina Syl'tor
Loot: Fabled Tserrina's Robe

The Fabled Zorglim the Dead
Loot: Fabled Crystallized Shadow Tunic

Velketor's Labyrinth

The Fabled Crystal Eyes
Loot: Fabled Crystal Spider Eyes

The Fabled Crystal Fang
Loot: Fabled Crystal Chitin Shield

The Fabled Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar
Loot: Fabled Icicle Tunic

Velketor the Fabled Sorcerer
Loot: Fabled Vermillion Robe of Torrefaction

Velketor's Fabled Experiment
Loot: Fabled Barbed Ringmail Shoulderpads

Western Wastes

The Fabled Ayillish
Loot: Fabled Ayillish's Talisman

The Fabled Del Sapara
Loot: Fabled Del Sapara's Talisman

The Fabled Derasinal
Loot: Fabled Derasinal's Talisman

The Fabled Draazak
Loot: Fabled Draazak's Talisman

The Fabled Entariz
Loot: Fabled Entariz's Talisman

The Fabled Espora of the Ring
Loot: Fabled Espora's Talisman

The Fabled Harla Dar
Loot: The Fabled Harla Dar's Talisman

The Fabled Ionat
Loot: Fabled Ionat's Talisman

The Fabled Karkona
Loot: Fabled Karkona's Talisman

The Fabled Klandicar
Loot: Fabled Klandicar's Talisman

The Fabled Mraaka
Loot: Fabled Exquisite Velium Warsword

The Fabled Myga
Loot: Fabled Myga's Talisman

The Fabled Sontalak
Loot: Fabled Sontalak's Talisman

The Fabled Stronghorn
Loot: Fabled Stronghorn's Horn

The Fabled Tantor
Loot: Fabled Tantor's Tusk