Tigeraptor Hide Farming Location

Tigeraptor Hide drops from the Tigeraptor enemies that roam around the northern portion of Wakening Lands. There's also a cluster of Tigeraptors you can find just north of the Skyshrine zone line which is in the western portion of Wakening Lands. I'd estimate that the Hides have a 30% chance of dropping off each Tigeraptor enemy you defeat. These enemies are fairly uncommon throughout Wakening Lands so you'll probably be spending a lot of time farming this item.

One upside to farming here though is, you'll also find Haze Panthers, Holgresh and regular Panthers throughout Wakening Lands in the same area as Tigeraptors. Each of these three different types of enemies also drop items which you can use to reach 300 in Tailoring (and the recipes are also required for 350 as well).

Holgresh drop Holgresh Fur which you can use to make Holgresh Fur Gear. Then you have the two different types of panthers; Haze Panthers and just regular Panthers. Haze Panthers drop Haze Panther Skins which can be used to make Haze Panther Gear while regular Panthers drop Black Panther Skin, used to make Black Panther Skin Gear, some of the best Leather Gear you can get without a level requirement.

For a list of all Tailoring Recipes that you can make with Tigeraptor Hides follow the link provided. All of the recipes on that page are required for reaching 350 Tailoring and are also included in my 350 Tailoring Guide.