Holgresh Fur Gear Recipes

Holgresh Fur is dropped by many different Holgresh enemies on Velious in the Wakening Lands. You can also find this item from Holgresh in Miragul's Menagerie (An LDoN instance that takes place in Everfrost) but since that's inside of an instance, it's not as effectively for acquiring the pelts.

The Holgresh in Wakening Lands can be found roaming around the field part of the zone in the north and are found clustered together inside of a cave to the far southwest in the stone. If you're only after the Holgresh Fur I recommend you hunt in the cave found in the southern portion of the zone, marked on the map below.

If you decide to hunt in the field area to the north you'll find a lot less Holgresh enemies but you'll also find Tigeraptors (Tigeraptor Hides), Haze Panthers (Haze Panther Skin) and Panthers (Black Panther Skin). All three of these items are used in Tailoring to make gear and can be used to reach 300 skill.

For a list of all Tailoring Recipes that you can make with Holgresh Fur follow the link provided. All of the recipes on that page are required for reaching 350 Tailoring and are also included in my 350 Tailoring Guide.