Where to farm Othmir Fur

Othmir Fur is one of the main ingredients used to create Othmir Gear, a set of armor that's usable by everyone but most beneficial to Wisdom casters. This armor is one of many different sets added during the Velious expansion pack and is a great way for you to skill up the Tradeskill, assuming you can get your hands on the Othmir Fur!

In order to reach Cobalt Scar you'll need to find a Wizard or Druid who has learned the port here. Or if Dragons of Norrath is live on your server and the Guild Hall is part of the game, you can take this route to Cobalt Scar instead. The Othmir that we need to hunt for Othmir Fur are found along the beach in small camps around clam shells. You can find their locations below on my map circled in green.

Along with the Othmir Fur that drops here you'll also be able to hunt the Arctic Wyverns which drop Arctic Wyvern Hides used in creating Arctic Wyvern Gear. This Arctic Wyvern Gear is an alternative means for you to level your Tailoring Skill but can only take you to 252 in Tailoring unlike the Othmir Fur which has a combine with a Trivial of 295.


For a list of all Tailoring Recipes that you can make with Othmir Fur follow the link provided. You'll need to learn all of the Othmir Fur recipes to reach 350 in Tailoring and that part is also part of my 350 Tailoring Guide.