Where to farm Arctic Wyvern Hides

Arctic Wyvern Hides are one of the main ingredients used to create Arctic Wyvern gear, a set of armor only usable by Shamans added during the Velious expansion pack. This gear is made with the Tailoring profession and is one of the better ways for you to skill up your profession early on in the game.

The Arctic Wyvern Hides only drop off wyvern enemies in Cobalt Scar and sometimes in Skyshrine too. Since the Skyshrine enemies aren't very 'farmable' this guide only covers the wyverns in Cobalt Scar that drop these hides. Below I have included a map location of Cobalt Scar, the wyverns are circled in blue and can be found along the ridge of Cobalt Scar above the beach.

In addition to the wyverns you'll also find Othmir (Otters) here. These guys are found along the beach and are circled in green on my map below. The Othmir drop Othmir Fur which can also be used to raise your Tailoring skill.


For a list of all Tailoring Recipes that you can make with Arctice Wyvern Hides follow the link provided. Many of these are required for reaching 350 Tailoring and are part of my 350 Tailoring Guide.