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Pottery Supplies Merchants

This page contains a list of merchants that sell an assortment of Pottery Supplies. There is an NPC on this list for every single race's home town as well as some of the more commonly visited zones, like Plane of Knowledge.

The majority of Pottery Items are sold by all of these merchants however if you can't find the item you need sold by the merchant in your home town I recommend you check the NPCs in Plane of Knowledge or in East Freeport. All three of these NPCs have almost every item that's sold by vendors for Pottery combines.


Most Convenient NPC List

This list not only demonstrates the easiest of these NPCs to find but also the NPCs that sell the most stuff.

#1: Sculptor Radee in PoK (Requires CoTF expansion pack)
#2: Elisha Dirtyshoes in PoK (Available once PoP is live)
#3: Gurb Smithson in East Freeport (Available during Classic EQ)
#4: Merchant Legwein in Greater Faydark (Available during Classic EQ)
#5: Helgara Dirtcarver in Oggok (Evil Races - Classic EQ)



Sculptor Radee, Elisha Dirtyshoes - Plane of Knowledge (Pottery Supplies)

Sculptor RadeeElisha Dirtyshoes

The best NPC for you to shop at for Pottery Supplies is Elisha Dirtyshoes in the Plane of Knowledge. She's a part of PoK the moment the zone launches during the Planes of Power expansion pack. The alternative is another NPC, Sculptor Radee.

Sculptor Radee isn't added into PoK until the CoTF expansion pack. It's much much later in the game so if you're playing on a TLP this NPC likely won't be around for you. Once Sculptor Radee is added to the game though, he's the best guy to shop at.

Pottery Supplies Merchants in PoK


Gurb Smithson - East Freeport (Pottery Supplies)

This is one of the best vendors you'll want to hit up for Pottery Supplies prior to the Planes of Power expansion pack.


a clockwork potter - Ak'anon Pottery Supplies Merchant



a clockwork miner - 1sp 5cp

a clockwork potter - 1sp 5cp


Merchant Legwein - Greater Faydark


Bedida Claygrinder - Felwithe

There are multiple merchants inside the building that is circled on the map above. This is one of those pain in the butt places where the Pottery Supplies are split between three or four different NPCs. Check both the first and second floor and all the merchants to find the item you need.... Or just shop in a different zone!


Helgara Dirtcarver - Oggok Pottery Supplies


Dooni - Kaladim (Pottery Supplies)



Petra D'Dbth - Neriak Third Gate (Pottery Supplies)

This NPC doesn't have every item that's used in Pottery, she only carries many of the Patterns used. In order to get other materials, like Block of Clay you'll need to visit the [Smithing Supplies] merchant Glazn D`Unnar who is in Neriak Commons instead.


Marta Claytoe & Bodbin Gimple - Rivervale

Much like many of the other starting towns -- not all the items we commonly need in Pottery are sold by just 1 merchant. Marta Claytoe sells all of the Patterns and Recipes which are required for Pottery while Bodbin sells things like clay and other combineables which are commonly used in Pottery.


Klok Hoga & Klok Toren - East Cabilis



Merin - Halas (Pottery Supplies)