How to create Evergreen Extract

Evergreen Extract is made from Evergreen Leaf, an item that can only be obtained from picking up a Ground Spawn in Greater Faydark. For more information on how you can obtain these leaves I recommend you read my Evergreen Leaf Farming page.

Once you have obtained Evergreen Leaves, you'll have completed the hard part of this subcombine. The next thing you'll need to do is either find a Shaman or Rogue make the Evergreen Extract combine for you since it can only be done with one of these two Tradeskills.



Evergreen Extract

The only item we need to finish this combine that I haven't spoken of yet is Empty Vials. You can find these items being sold by virtually any [research merchant] in your race's home town. If you're reading this and playing on P99 or an emulator, there won't be any research merchants for you. In this situation I would recommend Ethruncil Draitia in East Freeport.

1 Empty Vial

1 Evergreen Leaf

1 Water Flask


Evergreen Leaf Ground Spawn Map Locations


After you've obtained Evergreen Extract there's still one combination that we have to do in order to make the Extract into the item we need -- which is Dark Green Dye. You will need to create a Medium Clay Jar through Pottery which you'll then want to use to combine the Evergreen Extract and Resin inside to make our Dark Green Dye.

Medium Clay Jars are made through all vendor purchased materials. To learn more about how to make them head over to my Medium Clay Jar Guide. Once you're finished return here to proceed further.


Dark Green Dye

Resin is purchased typically from merchants marked [Alchemy Supplies]. There are some in Plane of Knowledge as well as any race's home town that is capable of starting out as a Shaman.

1 Evergreen Extract

1 Resin

Combine in Medium Clay Jar


That's all you need to do in order to get your hands on some Dark Green Dye.