Bottled Essence of Vex Clicky

Bottled Essence of Vex

 Bottled Essence of Vex is one of the subpar clickies that you can get from completing the Anniversary quests in EQ. It is a targeted AE 20k nuke on a 5minute cooldown. The reason that this clicky is subpar is not because the nuke deals little damage but because of how unreliable the nuke is. For me, this clicky does not always hit its intended target whereas the Necromantic Dragon Bone always hits its intended target.

 It seems that the further the enemy is the less likely it is to hit them. I have no clue why but it seems to have something to do with it being a targeted AE and not a single target DD like the Necromantic Dragon Bone. Either way, this clicky is one of very few mana free nukes in the game and it is extremely useful for raiders.



Note: This item does not benefit from any spell AAs, spell focuses or spell damage stats


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