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The Darklight Palace - CoTF Collectibles Achievement

The Darklight Palace

For this achievement you need to collect all four sets of collectibles from Neriak Fourth Gate. Three of the collection sets appear as ground spawns in the base version of the zone and the other collection set is found as drops from enemies throughout the zone.

The Fourth Gate Flora and Fauna is the easiest set of collectibles to collect in this whole zone. Both Neriak Book Club and Treasures of Neriak are fairly easy to do too - the only see invis enemies you'll encounter are the Queen, Prince and King - which you can easily avoid while farming the collectibles. As for the set of collectibles that drops from enemies, the best place I have found to farm them is around the Queen's building in the northwestern portion of the zone - or from the dark elves inside.


Fourth Gate Flora and Fauna (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Fourth Gate Flora and Fauna

This set of collectibles can be found in the central portion of Neriak Fourth Gate in the large room just north-east of where you zone in from Neriak Third Gate. There are no enemies in this entire area that will attack you on sight - even without invisibility.

Usually you will be able to find this entire set of collectibles in The Bazaar for less than 5k plat per piece. If you don't feel like farming them yourself it may be worth checking your servers bazaar.

- Spotted Twisted Mushroom
- Shadowy Beetle Shell
- Creeping Silt Mold
- Tiny Cave Frog
- Translucent Tunnel Worm
- Luminescent Misty Moss
- Razor Sharp Rat Whisker
- Silver Heart Bloom

Neriak Book Club (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Neriak Book Club

These collectibles are ground spawns in the Queen's building which is in the northwestern most portion of the zone. Most of the enemies throughout the Queen's building do not see through invis which means you can safely gather every collectible you need for this set.

Out of all the enemies the only one you have to actually watch out for and avoid is the queen herself. Luckily, no collectibles spawn anywhere near her or in her room which means you avoiding her will be a piece of cake.

- Architecture of Neriak
- Raising the Dead
- Biography of King Naythox Thex
- The Rule of Cristanos Thex
- Teir`Dal Anthropology
- The Machinations of Navana and Therak
- The Natural Underground
- The Rulers of Neriak

Treasures of Neriak (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Treasures of Neriak

All of these collectibles are found in the southern dark elf castle in Neriak Fourth Gate. Like the map above shows there are only a few places this set of collectibles actually spawns inside of the castle. You can run back and forth between all of the areas I have circled in blue and gather the collectibles each time they spawn.

There's only one enemy you should keep an eye out for which is the King, marked on my map above. This guy will see through invis and whoop your butt real quick! He's easy to avoid though, he doesn't path around and there's a table in the center of his room which will block your LoS with him as you gather the collectibles.

- Bejeweled Signet Ring
- Glowing Eye Sigil
- Gilded Innoruuk Brooch
- Darklight Palace Miniature
- Dreadguard Medallion
- Amulet of Bloody Crystal
- Jewel of Neriak's Heart
- Naythox's Armor Replica

Royal Weaponry (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Royal Weaponry

This set of collectibles drops from enemies found in the northwestern portion of the zone, the same location you find the Neriak Book Club collectibles set. If you'd like more ideas on places to camp in this zone check out my Neriak Fouth Gate Leveling Guide. Also while you're in this zone it's highly recommended you hang onto the Dark Elf Ornaments which drop. They'll make you some plat by selling them in The Bazaar.

- Necromancy Ritual Knife
- Ornamental Guard Halberd
- Spiked Innoruuk Gauntlet
- Ornate Bonecrafted Sword
- Jewel-Tipped Crossbow Bolts
- Metallic Moonglow Bow
- Cristanos' Scythe Replica