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Halo 3 (Mission 3) Crows' Nest Walkthrough

Crows Nest Mission Start

Video Walkthrough: Halo 3 (Mission 3) Crows' Nest Walkthrough
Skull Location: Black Eye Skull Location & Grunt Birthday Skull Location
Terminal Location: N/A

Crows' Nest is the next mission in Halo 3 and this one takes place inside of a UNSC bunker. There will be a decent bit of backtracking throughout this mission which can make things a little bit confusing. If you get turned around or lost I recommend you watch my Crows' Nest Walkthrough Youtube Video.

If you're interested in getting the skulls on this map you can find the very first one in the room that the mission starts in. You'll have to do a little bit of climbing to reach it though! For the exact location and how to get there I recommend you check out my Blackeye Skull Location Youtube Video.

Your first task in this mission is to head downstairs and grab a weapon from the ammo shelves near the door. Hit the green switch next to the door to open it and head through to find yourself in a large open room (we'll be fighting here in a little bit). Remember needing to hit the green switch because we'll be opening a couple more doors throughout this mission the same way.

Travel through the linear halls and you will eventually come to a road with stationary vehicles parked throughout. When you enter this area there will be a mob of Covenant to your left - kill them all and continue along the road until you see an opening on your left with more Covenant down the hallway (pictured below).

Crows Nest Road

After going through the door pictured above you'll find yourself in a hangar which will serve as our next battle arena. There will be Covenant Phantoms that come into this area and drop off enemies - you'll be tasked with killing all of them. My advice is to use the turrets in this room (don't detach them unless absolutely necessary) and use the Deployable Covers to give yourself some cover.

Once all enemies are dead you'll be told to return to the Ops center - that's the room this mission first began in. Backtrack through the entire level following the same route we used to get here. Remember the large room I told you was going to be a battle arena in a little bit? Well, a little bit is now!

Drones will attack a group of Marines when you approach them - you can save the Marine that's being lifted up by a Drone if you shoot the drone. My advice for this room is to stay hidden as much as possible and try to only shoot the Drones when they are stationary. Hitting them as they fly around the room is a royal pain in the butt and not recommended. If you're interested there is a turret on the left side of this room you can use too.

You will need to kill every Drone in this room for the door to the Ops Center to open and allow you inside. There will be a little bit of dialogue once you're back in the Ops center after which you'll need to exit through the door on the 2nd floor of this room. You'll find about a dozen Brutes in the next room, kill them all then drop down through a hole in a hallway in the back of the room (pictured below).

Crows Nest Hole to Sewers

There will be a brief scene involving Cortana after dropping down in the hole. Also, if you're collecting the skulls on this level you can find the next one in this area. It will require you to do a precision fall though to land on the appropriate platform. For more information about exactly where and how to get the Skull check out my Grunt Birthday Skull Location Youtube Video.

Otherwise, continue through the linear tunnel and fall down the second hole. Hit the green switch to open the door and continue through the Brute infested hallways. You'll find another door with a green switch at the end of the Brute hallways which will lead you to an elevator that you'll have to ride up with a group of Marines.

The elevator will take you into another hangar where you'll have to fight a large group of Brutes to proceed. You need to kill every single Brute in this room before you trigger the scene that lets you continue with this level - if you think you're stuck here check ontop of the buildings above you. I've had Brutes get stuck up here very often, in fact this exact thing happened in my Mission 3 Crows' Nest Video Walkthrough.

After killing all of the Brutes there will be a large cargo bay door downstairs that opens for you, Johnson will contact you when this happens and say "Drones! Go! I'll cover you." There will be another brief scene with Cortana as you are navigating the various hallways on your return to the Ops Center.

Just before you arrive back in the Ops Center you'll pass an area with a dozen or so Covenant and a couple of Plasma Turrets. I strongly recommend you detach one of these turrets and bring it into the Ops Center with you. It'll make a strong weapon for the fight to come!

Brutes In Control Room

Inside the Ops Center you'll find a few Brutes along with a couple of Grunts. Kill all of them and then interact with the large bomb in front of the TV Screen to arm it. Head downstairs and go through the same door we went through at the start of the mission. Our destination is the very first hangar we cleared out; you will get a HUD objective that will point you in the right direction so it should not be too hard to find.

Search the back of this hangar for an elevator, press the switch in the elevator and the level will end as you're descending.


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