Tomb of Marka Ragnos Korriban Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Sound Dampening Stealth Unit on Corpse

Inside of the Tomb of Marka Ragnos you will be faced with a choice when it comes to dealing with the Rogue Assassin Droid. The only approach that will get you Light Side Points (along with the most XP) requires you to change the droid's assassination protocol and let it escape. You can also earn Dark Side Points instead by enabling its self-destruct sequence using the same method I am going to go into detail about below.

Your alternative is to run into this room with guns (and lightsabers) blazing and just kill the droid. This will quickly resolve the quest as well and let you earn Prestige from Uthar. Otherwise, to do either of the above methods you'll want to equip the Sound Dampening Stealth Unit that you find on the Sith corpse at the start of the tomb (pictured above).

Save your game incase anything bugs out and doesn't work correctly or incase you fail the upcoming logic puzzle. Otherwise, equip the Sound Dampening Stealth Unit onto your main character and go into Solo Mode then enter the final room of the tomb. Going Solo Mode isn't required but it helps prevent bugs. Sometimes when the game does its 'gear check' for the Sound Dampening Stealth Unit it'll do it on your party members too and since they don't have it equipped...

Rogue Assassin Droid in Tomb of Marka Ragnos

When you enter the room wearing the Sound Dampening Stealth Unit you'll be able to enter into dialogue with the droid. It'll ask you to assist it by shutting down its functions in the correct order. Essentially this next part of the quest is a logic puzzle, the droid will give you hints about what the correct order is to shut down its functions and depending on what your Repair skill is you may get more than one attempt.

Each failed attempt can be reset if you have high enough Repair; with a Repair skill of 0 then you won't get more than a single attempt to fix this droid. Below is the correct order that you'll need to shut down the droids functions in:

1. Combat Matrix
2. Motor Function Matrix
3. Sensory Systems Matrix
4. Memory Matrix
5. Cognitive Systems
6. Emotional Construct Matrix
7. Creative Simulation Matrix
8. Core

After successfully shutting down all of the droids programs you'll be given two options, one route will give you Dark Side Points and the other will give you Light Side Points. I strongly recommend you choose the light side route since you'll get the most xp that way -- plus if you planned to destroy the droid anyway there was no point in even wasting your time doing the whole puzzle!

Dark Side Points: Activate Self-destruct mode. You lose all droid parts if you do this and you won't get the xp for completing this part.

Light Side Points: Delete the assassination programming. This will earn you 1000xp

Reward: Advanced Shield Disruptor, Advanced Flame Thrower, Carbonite Projector Mark II, Droid Heavy Plating Type 3



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