Slime Science List of Useful Items

Useful Gadgets in Slime Rancher

This page contains a complete list of all the recipes I believe are worth creating with Slime Science in Slime Rancher. Decorations are not listed on this page since they don't provide any value to your Ranch other than vanity and it's highly subjective which decorations you like and don't.

You'll notice that some items on this page contain a brief description; typically it will either be how to unlock the recipe for the item in question or what the item does/why I chose it for this list. Any items without a description are most likely easy to unlock or self explanatory of why it made the list.


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Slime Science Walkthrough

Treasure Pods Location & Guide


List of Extractors Worth Making:

Advanced Pump

Advanced Apiary

Advanced Drill


Master Pump: In a Purple Treasure Pod in the Glass Desert.

Master Apiary: Found in a Purple Treasure Pod in the Glass Desert.

Master Drill: Open a Purple Treasure Pod in the Glass Desert to obtain this recipe.


Titan Drill: Unlocked by reaching rank 23 of 7Zee Rewards Club.

Royal Apiary: Reach rank 25 of 7Zee Rewards Club.

Abyssal Pump: Reach rank 24 of 7Zee Rewards Club.

Utilities Worth Making:

Drone: Best Slime Science Gadget in the game - allows you to automate your entire farm.

Advanced Drone: Unlocked from completing Viktor's Workshop tasks after you unlock his home via Range Exchange

Med Station: This gadget is useful in places like the Glass Desert where you take a decent amount of damage. Healing yourself costs energy when using this device.

Hydro Turret: You can place this turret in any location that has Tarr frequently occurring and it will take care of them for you.

Super Hydro Turret: Much like the regular Hydro Turret just better (and shoots double the water). Unlocked via a Purple Treasure Pod in Glass Desert.

Taming Bell: Used to calm Feral Slimes within a 25 unit radius. If you put this next to Corrals with Hunter Largos or some other slime which gets agitated easily this will help.

Spring Pad: When you step on this it will launch your character into the air - you can then Jetpack for even more height. Obtained from a Blue Treasure Pod in Dry Reef.

Potted Tactus: Almost every object in the game sticks to this cactus when you shoot it at it. Obtained from a Blue Treasure Pod in Glass Desert.

(Novice, Advanced, Master) Gordo Snare: You can use Gordo Snares in this game to capture a Gordo Slime of a specific type. Usually the food you use on the snare will attract the slime that favors it, an example is If you want a Quantum Gordo shoot a Phase Lemon into the Gordo Snare or use a Mint Mango to attract a Honey Gordo. Lesser versions of the Gordo Snare (Novice, Advanced) don't always attract the slime you want, sometimes you'll end up with a Pink Gordo instead. However the Master Gordo Snare has a 100% success rate in catching the Gordo you want.

Dash Pad: When you run over this pad it will give you the ability to sprint without energy consumption for 10 seconds.

Portable Water Tap: As the name implies it creates a source of water that you can suck up into your Vacpack. Unlike many gadgets there is not a 2hr activation time after you place it, you can use it immediately. This recipe is obtained from a Blue Treasure Pod in Viktor's Slimeulation. For information how to unlock Viktor's Workshop check my Range Exchange Guide.

Portable Scare Slime: This allows you to place a Scareslime anywhere there is a gadget site. It will keep all slimes away from the area you place it very effectively and with enough of them you can some-what herd slimes into a certain area. Definitely a tool worth experimenting and toying with. You can obtain this recipe from a Purple Treasure Pod in Viktor's Slimeulation. For information how to unlock Viktor's Workshop check my Range Exchange Guide.

Warp Tech Worth Creating:


Refinery Link

Market Link


Pink Teleporter

Blue Teleporter

Grey Teleporter

Violet Teleporter

Green Teleporter

Red Teleporter

Amber Teleporter

Berry Teleporter

Cocoa Teleporter

Butterscotch Teleporter

Gold Teleporter


Pink Warp Depot

Blue Warp Depot

Grey Warp Depot

Violet Warp Depot

Green Warp Depot

Red Warp Depot

Amber Warp Depot

Berry Warp Depot

Cocoa Warp Depot

Butterscotch Warp Depot

Gold Warp Depot

Other Useful Items:


Slimeball Hoop: Shoot a slime into the hoop to start a game of Slimeball, you'll have 59 seconds to make as many baskets as you can. This item is required for the She's on Fire! Achievement. Place a Dash Pad next to the Slimeball Hoop to instantly refill your Energy after flying around.

Slime Stage: Any slime can be placed on the Slime Stage including Tarr Slimes, for the most part it is decoration with a few niche uses. Putting a Tarr on the Slime Stage will get you the Best of the Worst Achievement.

Echo Net: This is kind of like the extractors but instead of creating useful resources for you it makes Echoes when placed in the Ancient Ruins. Echoes are pretty much vanity items that are unique to the Ancient Ruins zone. Recipe is obtained from a Purple Treasure Pod in the Ancient Ruins.



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