Guild Wars 2 Guides

Guild Wars 2 is created by ArenaNet and is the sequel to the first game, Guild Wars. While it shares the same name these two games are completely different. Almost nothing is the same besides names of towns and places throughout the world. While this game is online only and has a large community playing with you at the same time (Massive Multiplayer Online); and also has some unique RPG (Role Playing Game) elements this game is not an MMORPG. With that in mind if you're looking for an MMORPG fix or a new MMORPG to play this is not the game for you.

GW2 is more of an Action RPG more closely resembling Kingdoms of Amalur moreso than any MMORPG on the market. It offers a new and innovative gameplay system where you're more in control of your character's attacks and targeting moreso than other MMOs out there. Everything else with the game, however, has been seen dozens of times before in many games before it. Don't take that as a bad thing, however. Guild Wars 2 is an awesome game and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a one of a kind experience.

Below is a list of all the Guild Wars 2 guides I have wrote; broken up into different sections to help you find what you're looking for without much difficulty.



Guild Wars 2 Getting Started Guides

Guild Wars 2 Farming Guides

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guides

Guild Wars 2 (Noobie) Auction House Guide

Guild Wars 2 Tradeskill Guides

List of World Dragons

List of Karma Vendors

Orichalcum Gathering Locations

Ancient Wood Gathering Locations

Rank 400 Profitable Chef Recipes

The rest of this page here will include my Gw2 guides in an order similar to how they were listed above for index purposing. Also these pages are listed here incase anyone uses internet explorer and is unable to access the drop down menus.

Getting Started Guides

How to link to a Waypoint

Auction House Basics Guide

Magic Find Consumables Guide

Gw2 Farming Guides

Levels 1 - 20 Farming Locations

Gathering in Plains of Ashford (1 - 20)

Bandithaunt Caverns in Queensdale (1 - 20)

Levels 20 - 60 Farming Locations

Harathi Highlands - Ruins of Demetra (40+)

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Jotun (Bone & Totems) 45+

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Gathering Guide (75s per 20min)

Blazeridge Steppes Gathering Guide (75s - 1g per 30min)

Levels 60 - 70 Farming Locations

Straits of Destruction Gathering Route

Fireheart Rise Wolves (Large Claw & Large Fang Farming)

Fireheart Rise Char (Levels 70+)

Mount Maelstrom (All Gathering Professions)

Level 80 Farming Locations

**Icebrood Colossus' in Frostgorge Sound - Corrupted Lodestone Farming (Up to 5g an hour!)

Frostgorge Skelk & Arctodus Farming Location (Vicious Fang & Vial of Potent Blood)

Frostgorge Sound Gathering Route

Frostgorge Sound Troll Farming (Bad Location - Why NOT to farm here)

Malchor's Leap Farming Route 1 Eastern "Safer Route"

Minotaurs in Frostgorge Sound (Vial of Potent Blood)

Malchor's Leap Farming Route 2 "Zone-wide Route"

Cursed Shore Northern Route

Cursed Shore Central Route

Cursed Shore Events

Cursed Shore Gathering Route (Video Guide)

Orichalcum Spawn Locations

Ancient Wood Spawn Locations

End Game Cooking Recipes (Turn what you gather into more money)

Guild Wars 2 Karma Guides

Almonds in Bulk

Harathi Hinterlands - Lieutenant Pickins

Dredgehaunt Cliffs - Disa

Apples in Bulk

Queensdale - Farmer Eda

Avocados in Bulk

Fields of Ruin - Fallen Angel Makayla

Bananas in Bulk

Kessex Hills - Deputy Jenks

Kessex Hills - Sangdo Swiftwing

Brisban Wildlands - Seraph Soldier Goran

Gendarran Fields - Security Captain Vejj

Black Beans in Bulk

Kessex Hills - Deputy Jenks

Gendarran Fields - Field Medic Leius

Celery Stalks in Bulk

Wayfarer Foothills - Bjarni

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Cherries in Bulk

Harathi Hinterlands - Lieutenant Summers

Dredgehaunt Cliffs - Disa

Chickpeas in Bulk

Iron Marches - Naknar

Coconuts in Bulk

Bloodtide Coast - Lionscout Tunnira

Cumin in Bulk

Plains of Ashford - Sagum Relicseeker

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Eggplant in Bulk

Mount Maelstrom - Environmental Activist Jenrys

Green Beans in Bulk

Wayfarer Foothills - Albin Chronicler

Horseradish Root in Bulk

Sparkfly Fen - Laudren

Fireheart Rise - Wupwup Chief

Kidney Beans in Bulk

Snowden Drifts - Seraph Archer Brian

Diessa Plateau - Kastaz Strongpaw

Lornar's Pass - Hune

Lemons in Bulk

Caledon Forest - Eona

Metrica Province - Researcher Hrappa

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Limes in Bulk

Blazeridge Steppes - Shelp

Mangos in Bulk

Straits of Devastation - Agent Crandle

Nutmeg Seeds in Bulk

Queensdale - Farmer Eda

Kessex Hills - Deputy Jenks

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Peaches in Bulk

Fireheart Rise - Nrocroc Chief

Pears in Bulk

Iron Marches - Braxa Scalehunter

Pinenuts in Bulk

Timberline Falls - Scholar Tholin

Shallots in Bulk

Timberline Falls - Ichtaca


Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event Guide (The First Six Clues)

Candy Corn Gathering Routes

Pumpkin Carver Achievement

Haunted Doors & What they're all about

Halloween Event (Part 2) Mad King's Labyrinth - How to Reach the Mad King's Realm (Video)

Halloween Event (Part 2) The Clocktower

List of all the Halloween Events (Coming Soon)

Queensdale Pumpkin Carving Locations