Dying Light Easter Eggs


There are over a dozen Easter Eggs hidden throughout Dying Light that reference many other popular series, movies and games. Some of these Easter Eggs include Developer Blueprints which will give you weapons or items that 'cheese' the game and make killing zombies much easier for you. Other Easter Eggs include tongue in cheek references that you can stumble into throughout the game (like the Left 4 Bread bakery).

On this page you'll find a list of all the different Easter Eggs in Dying Light, click on any of the links on this page to see the Easter Egg and learn more about it like where it is hidden and what it is from.


The Slums Easter Eggs

1. Batman: The Dark Knight
2. Bates Motel
3. Destiny
4. Excalibur (Weapon)
5. Korek Machete (Blueprint)
6. Checkers (Blueprint)
7. Silence of the Lambs
8. Dancing Zombies
9. Guitar
10. Call of Juarez
11. Secret QR Code
12. Zombie Board
13. Left 4 Dead
14. World's Best Mom
15. South Park
16. Half Life 2
17. Banksy
18. Star Trek


Old Town Easter Eggs

1. Right Hand of GloVA (Blueprint)
2. Super Mario (Blueprint)
3. Exploding Teddy (Blueprint)
4. The Last of Us


Antenna Easter Eggs

1. Airstrike Blueprint
2. Plants Vs Zombies
3. Star Trek


The Sewers Easter Eggs

1. The Legend of Zelda


Countryside (The Following DLC)

1. Alien Abduction
2. Chicken on a Stick
3. Master Sword (Blueprint: Twilight Phantom)
4. Cast Away
5. The Button (Blueprint: Tolga's Folly)
6. Harry Potter
7. Indiana Jones
8. World's Best Dad
9. David & Goliath
10. The Power Company Warehouse (reference to their tongue in cheek response to the twitter rant)


all the following secrets: