Dying Light Guides & Walkthroughs


Dying Light is an action adventure survival horror game with some RPG elements mixed in designed by Techland and is a spiritual successor of the Dead Island franchies.


Quarantine Zones - Location & Guide


Throughout the world of Dying Light you can find numerous buildings called Quarantine Zones. These locations are basically side dungeons which require you to complete a certain goal in order to complete. If you'd like to learn more about each Quarantine Zone as well as where to find them follow the link below.

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Easter Eggs


Dying Light is packed full of Easter Eggs which reference pop culture as well as a bunch of other games. I've created a list of all of these Easter Eggs and included information about them such as what they reference and map locations of where to find each one so you can visit it yourself!

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Rai's Final Battle Key Combination (Keyboard)


During the final battle with Rais in Dying Light you'll have to press a combination of keys in the appropriate order. I wrote down the combination since you either die a bunch to memorize it or write it down to easily do it. The combination that you must press on the Keyboard can be found below.

1.) A
2.) S
3.) D
4.) W
5.) A
6.) A