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Prisoner of War - Act 1 Story Quest

Prisoner of War Quest Start

Prisoner of War is going to be the first official quest of Dungeon Siege 2 after you have completed the tutorial. When you begin the game a second time on Veteran and Elite difficulties you'll start on this quest rather than having to complete the Siege of Greilyn Beach tutorial a second time.

For this quest you will need to pick up and then deliver a basket of sharpening stones to a nearby Dryad outpost. You can pick up the sharpening stones by speaking with the merchants at the Merchant Rise, the first platform you come across in Eirulan after leaving the prison.

This quest will familiarize you with the game as well as with parts of the first large town in the game, Eirulan. Much of the town will be off limits to you right now since you're still a prisoner but the shops will be open and you'll be able to pick up your first two Side Quests!

Available Side Quests:

The Armorer's Apprentice
Lumilla's Salve

If you're someone who doesn't mind using some cheats early on in the game, Dungeon Siege 2 has some built in console commands. If you type +opnauticus you'll receive a ring with +Intelligence and Gold Find; if you type +imalittalteapot you'll receive a Silver Ring, Weapon and Chest Armor. You can use +imalittalteapot a lot early game to make a lot of gold and buy better equipment from the vendor.

Our objective for this quest will require us to take the northern lift out of Eirulan and follow the path to the outpost. Jera will lead the way once you make it to the ground level but you'll want to deviate from the path a bit to learn about Health and Mana Bushes as well as Incantation Shrines. There will also be a nearby Hak'u Cave which you'll be able to explore half of right now.

Incantation Shrine in Greilyn Jungle
Incantation Shrines in Dungeon Siege 2 are very useful.

When you reach the Dryad Outpost you'll find it over run with Morden, Jera will rush in and get herself killed after which you'll be left to clean up the Morden. After you defeat them all and free the Dryad Prisoners this quest will complete and you'll get a reward from Kirani, one of the captive Dryads you saved.

Despite helping out the Dryads so far Warden Celia will still not trust you so you'll get a second quest, The Morden Towers, where you need to assist her further.