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DemiKids - Dark Version is a role-playing game released for the Game Boy Advance. Developed and published by Atlus, the game was released in the year 2003. In DemiKids - Dark Version, players embark on an adventure in the mystical world of Valhalla, where they encounter and befriend various demons known as DemiKids. The game follows the story of a young protagonist who has the ability to communicate with these DemiKids and form powerful alliances with them. Players navigate through different locations, including dungeons, towns, and otherworldly realms, as they battle against other demon tamers and unravel the mysteries of Valhalla. The combat system in the game is turn-based, allowing players to strategically command their DemiKids in battles against enemy demons. Each DemiKid possesses unique abilities, elemental affinities, and growth paths, adding depth to the gameplay and allowing players to create diverse and powerful teams.

Throughout the game, players can recruit and train a wide variety of DemiKids, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The choices made in battles and interactions with other characters can impact the development of the story and relationships with other tamers. The game also features exploration, puzzle-solving, and side quests, providing additional content and challenges for players to enjoy. With its engaging storyline, demon collecting mechanics, and strategic battles, DemiKids - Dark Version offers an immersive RPG experience for fans of the genre on the Game Boy Advance platform.



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