Duraz Dok Public Quest Farming

           A great place to fam in Kadrin Valley is the Duraz Dok PQ. It's right above the chapter 21 Greenskin camp and right below the Chapter 22 Greenskin camp. This PQ has Dwarf Slayers all over it, which are very easy to kill and usually come in packs of two. Make sure you go on the inside of the fort, this is where you can round the most of them up

Curios 175+
Fragments 175+
Artisan's Relic Box
Eight Leaf Clover
Master Artificer's Reliquery (A LOT)
Craftman's Relic Box
Primordial Petrified Root
Carnosaur Stinger
War-Hardened Heart
Rhinox Horn
Memento of Hope


Kadrin Valley Butchering Location

           This is one of my favorite farming areas as a Butcher. The boars drop a great amount of Nutrients and other Butchering goodies. Two more good things about this area is... It's right next to town and if you still need XP, the Kill Collector wants these boars dead.

Bile 175+
Gore 175+
Humor's 175+
Boar Blood 175+





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