New Website Layout

11/17/21: If you're reading this page because you've noticed something broken on my website -- give me at least 24hrs to fix it from the date you see posted.

As I stated earlier in the year I was going to be putting some money towards redesigning my entire website and as of this week it's finally done! I found a coder who was willing to work with me and learn the antiquated code my website is running on (CFM) to help redesign my front page and my entire template. He's been great to work with so I figure I would give him a shout out - here's his Fiverr profile if you'd like to get some web design work done yourself.

For the changes we made to my website, you'll probably first notice we've shrunken the website and centered it in the middle instead of having it spread out across the entire page. I got some complaints about how "long" the website was on wide screens that I felt were pretty valid. Also in the interest of cutting down on how much space the navigation bar uses I have decided to compress the Retro category into one page.

Now if you'd like to visit my Console/Retro guides you'll want to click on "Consoles" at the top; guides for Computer games can be found under Computer and my Everquest guides still have their own link. There's two more links at the top too, Donate links to my Donate page and the Contact link will send you to my Contact page (Duh). Both of these pages are currently being worked on now and I will be adding changes to both of them over the next few weeks.

The biggest changes I have made to my website includes the front page. Here I have gotten rid of the old blog format completely and went with a custom layout that will display recent updates and guides I have finished in (what I would describe as) a professional manner. At the top of the front page I have 6 images, all of which are decent size and will display the most recent and most important guides & updates I have finished. Below that I have an additional 6 sections under "Recent Updates" which will also contain recent updates -- but they will be older.

My current gameplan is if an update isn't super important I will put it into the "Recent Updates" section at the bottom of the front page. Or when an update I have at the top of my front page gets older and older I will move that down into my "Recent Updates" at the bottom of the page as a new update takes its place.

The other two changes I have made to the front page of my website include a Youtube RSS feed and a more expedient directory for all of my Console/Computer guides. The Youtube RSS feed works the same as all other RSS feeds, it'll display the most recent videos that I upload to Youtube. As for the directory of links, it's essentially just a list of links which will take you to various console/computer game index pages. Basically the directory on the front page is just an alternative to clicking on "Consoles" or "Computer" at the top of my site.

Last but not least, below you'll find a screen shot of my old website layout that I took the day before I uploaded this new one incase you'd like to do a side by side comparison.

My old website layout (2019 - 2021)

If you're interested in seeing what changes I make in the near future keep your eye out as I will be rolling out more changes and updates from now until the end of the year!