Reverse Engineering Guide

Reverse Engineering will return you some of the materials needed to craft that item, as well as offer a chance to make a better version of that item. Once you have activated Reverse Engineering all that's left is to right click on an item in your inventory to reverse engineer it.

Reverse Engineering

           Reverse Engineering is very useful for people raising professions as you are able to make an item and then Reverse Engineer it for some of your materials back. Also when you use Reverse Engineering there is a chance you will learn a recipe for an item that is much better than the one you can craft. Using Reverse Engineering on almost every item has a chance in rewarding you with a better recipe. Here is an example of an early Biochem Reverse Engineering difference.

Combat MedpacCombat Medpac - Restores 825 to 1000 Health.

Prototype Combat MedpacPrototype Combat Medpac - Restores 825 to 1000 Health and an additional 365 Health over 10 seconds.

Reverse Engineering At Max Level

To give you a better idea of how useful Reverse Engineering is at max level, here is a max level Biochem recipe that is worth using Reverse Engineering on because the recipe it teaches you is amazing.

Hyper-Battle Fortitude StimHyper-Battle Fortitude Stim

This stim can only be used a single time, which is nice and all... But if you Reverse Engineer it you have a chance to unlock a recipe for a stim of this kind that can be used as many times as you want! In other words what I'm getting at is Reverse Engineering what you make is an absolute must if you're looking to get the best recipes available to you.

Reusable Hyper-Battle Fortitude Stim Reusable Hyper-Battle Fortitude Stim