Additional Important Information About Tradeskills

           Besides what I mentioned on the index page to professions there are still some things I would like to add about Professions in Swtor. I'd like to go into a bit more detial about Reverse Engineering and I would also like to explain how raising each profession works. Unlike other games, you don't craft the items yourself, your Companions are the ones who actually do all of the crafting for you. This may seem a little odd and confusing for a lot of people who are used to the norm but you will get used to it quickly.

           In order to start crafting an item through any profession you will first need to open your Crew Window, the crew window can be found on the top of your screen. It's the little diamond icon next to the flag and the gears.

Crew Skills Icon

After you've got the window open, below is a picture of what the Crew Skills window looks like.

Companion and Crew Skills Window

           At the very top it shows you what Crew Skills you currently have available to you as well as what your currently level is in each of them. At the right right end of the skill it has a little "X", which unless you want to unlearn the skill you will want to avoid clicking. Below where it shows you your skills you will see a picture and information about each of your Companions. The little bar with the heart is to show you what your companions current affection level for you is. As you complete conversations and award him with items to increase his affection this will increase.

           But more importantly you will want to look at the three icons to the right of your companions picture. These icons will be the same as the ones above it, showing you what Crew Skills you currently have available to you. In order to bring up your Crafting Window you will want to left click on one of these skills. The below picture is the window you will be seeing when you click one of these Icons. Click the picture to enlarge it if needed.

Crafting Window

           In the bottom right you will see a picture of whatever companion you selected. Below that it will show you any special abilities this companion has, for example the companion Qyzen Fess has a +15 Bonus to Archaeology and a +5 bonus to Biochem. On the left hand side it will show you everything you are able to craft and then as you could have guessed on the right it shows you what the item you plan to craft requires. Once you select an item you will be able to click "Create" if you have the materials and your companion will begin working, regardless of where he is.

Note: Even if your companion is on the ship and you're out questing, you can still have him make items. Once you select an item to begin being made it will show you in the Crew Management window what companion is crafting or doing what. Below is a picture of this:

Companion and Crew Skills Window

           As you can see, my droid, C2-N2 is currently crafting medpacs for me using Biochem. Now there is no real point in bringing this up besides to show you that not only is he crafting one medpac but he has another one queued up. This means, obviously, that the second he is finished creating one he will begin work on the next. This is useful if you have a lot of items to craft, seeing as how you can queue up a bunch of different things then go back to questing for awhile instead of constantly opening up the window.

           That's about all I can think of to tell you about crafting. There is only one more thing you need to know about and that's something called Reverse Engineering. You can find more information on Reverse Engineering when you press " i " and open up your inventory.