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Ilum Republic Daily Quest Guide

This page is here to detail each of the daily quests available to Republic players on the planet Ilum. Each of these quests rewards players with Daily Commendations which can be turned in for Item Modifications on Ilum or Belsavis as well as Earpiece/Implant pieces of gear.

Ilum Dailies at the Republic Base Camp

Jam The Transmissions

For this mission players must kill droids for 4 Transponders. Once they have all 4 Transponders they will be able to disable the communications dish which is in the northern area of where you complete this daily. The bonus mission for this mission requires you to kill the Imperial forces in the area, which you will kill more than enough collecting the Transponders. At max level the only thing you will gain from completing bonus missions is Legacy Experience.

Rewards 1 Daily Commendation Daily Commendation

Pilot Down

This is by far the easiest daily for players to do. All that you need to do is deliver medical supplies to a pilot who is in a crashed ship up north by the Republic Waystation. Since the pilot is pretty much right next to the Republic Waystation you will want to do Jam the Transmissions first then head on up here turn this quest in and start the quests at the Republic Waystation.

Rewards 1 Daily Commendation Daily Commendation

[Heroic +2] Darkness on Ilum

This is a heroic daily quest which will require two people to do or one very lucky very well geared person.

Rewards 3 Daily Commendation Daily Commendations

Republic Waystation

A Fair Fight

This daily requires you to collect three different types of shields which all drop from mobs inside a cave to the east. Kill your way through the cave, killing every pack of mobs as you go, within no time you'll get all of the shields required. If there is no one else in this cave by the time you reach the mission marker on the map you should have all the shields required. The bonus mission for this mission requires you to destroy unfinished turrest which can be found inside this cave. It's easy enough to do to the point of where you don't have to go out of your way to do it.

Rewards 1 Daily Commendation Daily Commendation

Icy Destruction

This quest requires you to destroy 4 Imperial turrets in the western most portion of Ilum. The quest is pretty darn easy, just make sure you eliminate the repair droids first or they will heal the turrets you're trying to destroy. The bonus quest for here is to kill 15 Imperial forces which you would have to go out of your way to do, thus I recommend skipping it.

Rewards 1 Daily Commendation Daily Commendation

Crystal Clear Sabotage

This quest is done in the same area as Icy Destruction. You need to plant a bomb and then defend it for about a minute before the quest completes. You don't even need to kill all of the NPCs that come out and attack you, simply waiting long enough for the bomb to go off works.

Rewards 1 Daily Commendation Daily Commendation

















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