Everquest Tradeskill Extravaganza
Posted on March 22nd 2018

           As many of you have noticed over the last few weeks I have been doing massive updates to my Tradeskill guides. This all started with 350 Tradeskill guides and has evolved into me finally deciding to finish Tradeskill Guides for every expansion... That's right... I am planning to do Tradeskill Guides for every expansion -- and I will be keeping my word!

           Before you get too excited let me say what I mean by 'every expansion'. Basically while I was working on the 350 Tradeskill Guides I found almost every "quick path" for leveling a Tradeskill. Not every expansion has an item added into it that'll help you level a Tradeskill, some expansions will have an item for one Tradeskill and not for another.

           Due to this, there won't be a Tradeskill Guide for every Tradeskill for every expansion - there'll be a Tradeskill Guide for every expansion that raises the level cap AND every expansion that adds a unique item which will give you a quick path to 300. I've already finished this with Smithing and Tailoring.

           If you take a look at my Rain of Fear Tailoring Guide or my House of Thule Smithing Guide you'll see at the top they both link to multiple different routes for you to take depending on what's cheapest on your server. I am going to repeat this across every Tradeskill Guide for every Tradeskill.

           Additionally each of my navigation pages is going to link to every Tradeskill guide during that era. You can see this already on pages like my Omens of War EQ Navigation Page. To give you a few examples of other guides I have been working on, follow some of the links below!

Tailoring GoD Guide (Hynid Blood Recipes)
Baking PoR Guide (Still being worked on, doing DoD and PoR recipes for this guide)
Fletching SoF Guide (Cultural Silks)
Fletching GoD Guide (Taelosian Stones & Serrated Arrows)
Fletching SoD Guide (Cultural Silks from that era)
Fletching DoN Guide (Cultural Silks)
Jewelcrafting SoF Guide (Dwerium)
Jewelcrafting TBS Guide (Sunshard Materials also this guide goes hand in hand with TBS Fletching)
Fletching TBS Guide (Uses materials from Jewelcrafting to skill up Fletching)
Pottery HoT Guide (Dream Dust used for Ornaments)
Pottery TBS Guide (Sunshard Ore to make Power Sources)
Pottery TSS Guide (Cultural Silk & Misc Combines)
Pottery SoF Guide (Elegant Charms)
Pottery Underfoot Guide (Cosgrove Powder)

           There'll be more to come but that's pretty much all of the ones I have gotten a lot of work done on so far. I need to finish adding pictures to a lot of them and links - then I need to add all the information I can to each since some require items that need to be farmed. Busy, busy, busy! It'll probably take me another month to complete the tradeskill section... Of course the EoK/350 Tradeskill guides won't be included in this "completion". Just Tradeskill guides 1 - 300.







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