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An Everquest Giveaway!!
Posted on December 21st 2017

           For all of those out there who don't check the EQ forums very often - I am hosting a holiday giveaway this year! I'm giving away 5 different sets of collectibles (one of which was kindly donated to me) as well as some of the more rare TBM collectibles which grant Hero's Journey and Hero's Vitality.

           Since I play on Firiona Vie - only players on that server are able to participate in the giveaway. All you have to do in order to get your free stuff is leave your character's name on the EQ Veteran's Forum "A Merry Firiona Christmas" thread I created or on the official page of the giveaway.

           I'll probably continue the regular collectible giveaway as long as I have collectibles to give away. I'll stop giving away the more rare TBM collectible sometime after New Years. If you're reading this sometime in 2018 and wondering if you can still get some free stuff - just post on my official page of the giveaway and wait patiently. There's a good chance I can still send you some of the collectibles when I get a free moment =)

           Stay safe this holiday season everyone and happy holidays!

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Massive EQ Updates to Leveling!!
Posted on December 21st 2017

EQ Leveling Guides

           As promised I have been diligently working to push out Everquest updates for everyone over the past month. It's been a lot of work but things are moving rather quickly. You may have noticed if you've visited the /eq/leveling page it's been completely changed into what's shown above.

           I actually do have a Ring of Scale leveling guide basically entirely complete atm but I haven't added an RoS button yet or updated the EoK one because I would like to release the leveling guide officially once I get more guides for that expansion pack.

           Right now I am working on making all of the locations displayed in my leveling guides as accurate and up to date as possible. Over the past week I have been adding in meticulous details to each location to really set these new guides apart from my older ones. To give you an idea of what I mean - most of my guides have mini guides which describe how to reach that location... Take this 'How to reach Old Sebilis' guide as an example.

           In addition to that I have added a significant amount of detail to many different leveling locations which really make them more of a zone guide than a leveling guide! If you'd like a few examples check out my Kunark Old Sebilis Guide, Classic EQ Lower Guk, OoW Wall of Slaughter and OoW Riftseeker's Sanctum also both got a total make over.

           I'm adding details like this to each zone that I know well enough to do so. It's a TON of work but I believe that people will really enjoy these guides and use them for more than just leveling once I am through with making them.

           The last big announcement I have to make is I have decided once I am done with my leveling guides I am going to fully update my Tradeskill guides for each and every expansion pack as well. This will be a massive undertaking though - one I am just not sure I can even finish. Well, I know I can finish everything except EoK/RoS tradeskill guides... which are the ones I would like to write the most!


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The Introspection Podcast Episodes 0 & 1
Posted on December 6th 2017

           As some as you know from reading my past updates I was pondering the idea of starting a Podcast recently. Well, it's come to fruition! I have released the first two episodes of this podcast today and if they are well received I will continue with the project in the future.

           Episode 0 is about how I saved the world last week. Ahem, I jest. Episode 0 is an introduction to the podcast, what to expect from future episodes and my plans/ideas of where to take it. This is mostly just an announcement/news episode without much actually content.

           That's why I also put out Episode 1 which is about Loot Boxes and what their role could possibly be in the future of gaming. Loot Boxes have been in the news almost every day over the last few weeks due to EA and Star Wars Battlefront 2 so I decided to discuss this in my first episode since it goes hand in hand with what I want this podcast to be about.

           As you can see the podcast is named "The Introspection Podcast" because primarily what I would like to accomplish with this podcast is to think more deeply; in most cases aloud, about things that are currently going on in the world or things that interest me.

           If you enjoy what you hear on the podcast please like the video(s) and leave me a comment - right now more than ever I am looking for viewer feedback. Positive, Negative - I wanna hear your thoughts that way I can improve my content in the future!!









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