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Rift Dungeon Guides

A Dungeon is an area of the game that requires a group (most of the time) to complete. Players can queue up for dungeons in Rift by pressing "I" ( i ) on the keyboard if they have not changed their default key bindings. If you have than you can access the Dungeon Menu by going to the micro menu and left clicking Activities. Under this you will find a Looking for Group option which you will also want to left click on. Doing this will bring up the dungeons menu where you will be able to queue for Normal or Expert Dungeons.

Looking for Group Window

At the top of the window you will be able to select which role you want to play in the Dungeon. A tank tanks all of the damage of the group and holds all of the agro. The mobs beat on him so they don't hit anyone else that can't take as much damage as they do. Tanks are the most important role of any group and almost always have instant queues at any level. A Healer heals the group and keeps everyone alive. This is the second most important role of any group.

After a Healer you have damage classes. There are two damage classes per group. These guys do all of the damage to help the group quickly progress throughout the instance. Damage classes don't necessarily require the best players nor the best gear. In fact damage isn't even a "requirement" most of the time, but it is unquestionably worth having good damage. Than you have Support, the final role a player can be in a group. Support is a great role to be until max level at which point players become extremely flustered if you play the support role.

I ran into this problem at max level in groups. In fact the first instance I ever ran at max level I got removed from for playing the Support role. All in all, most supports go damage in instances at max level. Ultimately if you plan on playing support at max level, definitely have a group role. The community of Rift are some of the most aggressive gamers I have ever seen and will remove you from a group if they don't like your build. Anyway, enough of my ranting opinion and more about the dungeons window.

Further down below roles you will see two different boxes offering you two different options on how you would like to queue. You can queue for a normal random dungeon which will select any dungeon in your level range 1 - 60. Aside from Normal Dungeons you have Expert Dungeons which you can run. These are max level dungeons which will reward you with very powerful PvE gear. Also after you complete a random expert dungeon you will be able to pick additional rewards up to 7 times. Every day that passes this counter will increase back up by 1.

These additional rewards include tokens and such that can be used to purchase higher tier gear or gear similar to what you would find from running the expert dungeons themselves. The only other thing worth mentioning in the dungeon window is at the bottom of the window you can select a specific dungeon. This will bring up a list of all the instances available to you. Select whichever one you'd like to run. Note that doing this will forfeit your





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