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Rift PvP Guides

PvP in Rift works much like it does in every other MMORPG out there. It has its glaring flaws but it has its moments of enjoyment as well. There are quite a few Warfronts in the game, which are what Trion call Battlegrounds. I won't go into guides for each of these Battlegrounds but instead here I am going to give a general over view of the PvP system. If you want information about endgame PvP gear that will be included in another guide.

To get started with PvP in Rift you will want to press "K" in game to bring up the PvP window which is seen in the screenshot below. This window will give you all of the information you could want for the Warfronts available. It also gives you an estimated queue time which is very helpful. So you don't wait forever for just a single Warfront be sure to click "Join" on all of the Warfronts it shows available to you.

Warfronts Window

Participating in Warfronts awards players with Favor and Prestige. You gain Favor and Prestige by completing important objectives and by killing players of the opposing faction. Favor is the PvP currency of Rift. It's used to purchase all of the PvP items and gear from the PvP vendors in your factions main town. You gain much more favor per kill and objective than you do Prestige. Players are able to hold a total of 150,00 Favor at any given time. At the start you will be able to buy a ton of gear with that much favor but as you move up in Prestige levels and unlock higher tiers gear will become much more costly.

Prestige is the PvP experience of Rift. It works just like regular experience does for leveling up but can only be gained through PvP. It takes quite awhile to get a Prestige level which is a shame considering a lot of the good items from PvP have a required Prestige level needed to purchase them. For example, the first set of weapons require a Prestige level of 12 (takes about 24hrs of PvP grinding to complete /played) the second set of weapons requires Prestige level 25. Prestige level 25 takes about 3 or 4 days of consistant grinding to complete. That is going at it really hardcore.

If you are new to Rift and are looking for quick and easy way to gear up I strongly recommend you consider participating in PvE dungeons over PvP. It will be much faster and a lot less frustrating. That is unless you run into a group that kicks you out for doing too little damage 2 hours after you hit level 50 like I did. Anyway, if you are wondering where you can view your Prestige levels hit "K" to bring up your PvP window and click on the PvP tab at the bottom. This will bring up your PvP window which is seen in the screenshot below.

PvP Window

As you can see your lifetime, weekly and daily PvP kills as well as current and lifetime favor are also displayed in this window. That about sums up how PvP works in Rift. For those that like numbers and are curious you gain on average 1200 Favor and Prestige per game. Prestiege Levels are required to purchase weapons. Gear on the other hand always only requires Favor to purchase. Now just incase you were curious, below are the required ranks in Prestige to purchase weapons.

Prestige Level 12 - Weapons Tier 1

Prestige Level 25 - Weapons Tier 2

Prestige Level 36 - Weapons Tier 3

Priestige Level 50 - Weapons Tier 4

The first tier of Prestige gear will hold you over for awhile, offering you very good attributes for how easy it is to obtain. Further tiers require you to trade the piece of gear with favor for the upgrade. But that does not start until Tier 3.





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